List Ways To Prove That Elders Do NOT Have Any More Holy Spirit Than Others

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  • minimus

    Please provide proof that elders are not appointed by holy spirit or are especially giftd with more holy spirit than anyone else.

  • VM44

    Because elders in general often look for direction by going to the Watchtower bound volumes and looking for articles telling them what to do!

    So much for directioon by the Holy Spirit!


  • JH

    Since you were an elder Minimus, did you feel as if you had more Holy Spirit that the others who weren't an elder?

  • Elsewhere

    It's easy...

    Just put the elder in a burlap bag with some heavy stones, tie off the opening of the bag, and then toss in a deep pond.

    If the elder floats, then he does have holy spirit... because as we all know "spirit" refers to breath or air, and anyone with lots of air in them will float.

    If the elder sinks with the stones and drowns... well... he did not have holy spirit.

  • Dawn

    Because they're still elders in a false religion........DUH!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow - look at all the new icons available.........I haven't posted in a while so missed this new gadget - ....I'm so excited

  • blondie

    The Lord’s spirit is available in equal portions to both classes, and knowledge and understanding are offered equally to both, with equal opportunities for absorbing it."

    6/15/96 WT p 31 Questions From Readers
    Can we say that God’s servants today who have the earthly hope have as much of God’s spirit as do spirit-anointed Christians?

    Fundamentally, the answer is, yes, faithful brothers and sisters of the other sheep class can share equally with anointed ones in receiving God’s holy spirit.—John 10:16.

    Hang them by their own words


  • minimus

    My mother would always say to me that I knew better than her because I "had more holy spirit " because I was an elder! I used to correct her and say that we both can read the same Bible (or publication) and understand it the same way. When she would resist this idea, I would remind her that I was an elder appointed by holy spirit, so she had to listen.

  • Inquiry

    okey dokey... I'll give it a go...

    1. They believe lies...

    2. They lie

    3. They give the worst advice

    4. They follow the worst advice

    5. They don't love the Farkel (hadda throw that in)

    6. They treat women like sh*te...

    7. They disfellowship people... defend the guilty and punish the innocent...

    8. They wouldn't know the truth if it fell on em...

    9. They are witnesses

    10. They are still witnesses

    Ahhhhhh, well, I feel better now... of course this applies only in my personal experience...


  • libra_spirit

    So minimus, how did it feel to have all that Holy Spirit? Kind of powerful I imagine!

    Ok blondie, then it must be true, I mean if the WT says so then that proves it! Just made me laugh.

    I think elsewhere has a good idea there, we need a group of Elder testers for the Salem Elder Trials. Elder dunking might work too.

    One of my most frustrating expierences was going around, as a young Witness, and asking elders, "What is the Holy Spirit?" and then enduring the meaningless babble I would get back. Everything they do is to replace Holy Spirit with something else even including electricity, and finally the Org seems to be the final replacement. Anything in the Bible attesting to the works of the Holy Spirit, is now considered demonism! If you were to start talking to Jesus, since he is now present, or if you healed someone in his name, watch out! If you sopke in tounges, or cast out a demon, watch out man! They have demonised the Holy Spirit, and replaced it with Watchtower text and negative legalistic controls. They have turned a powerful Biblical force that created the world into a meaningless mental concept now powerless, 2nd to field service and meeting attendance.

    I would have to say it should be obvious that elders don't have any more Holy Spirit then any other follower of the JW cult because none of them even recognize it when it pops up anyway. For them grandious mental explanations serve as supporting arguements to allow them to stay in thier rosey little "Paradise earth mental picture where everything will be magically taken care of after Armageddon" illusions, and no one will have to expierence anything emotionally real right now. No growth, no changing, all that can be put off and ignored. If there is any Spirituality in such a practice it would be by accident.

    No bitterness here! LOL!

    Ok so if it's proof you want then consider how elders are put into thier rolls. Is there a cerimony where a spiritual priesthood is passed onto them? No! Is there even any kind of a prayer conducted at thier inaugration placing this Holy Spirit in them? No! Is there any transfer of Holy Spirit placed on them by the Circuit Overseer or by a group of super spiritual Bethelites? No! Is there any laying on of hands? No! Any fasting, or prayer? Any initiations? I think they just look at thier service record, size them up, appoint them if they qualify, and then hand them a rule book and basically say, ok now you are incharge. Have fun controlling the flock and we will accept any and all your judicial rulings without question! We will always believe you over any of the flock, and you will recieve special treatment as will your kids, welcome to the good old boy network, the ruling class! So much for the judges and kings and priests that the flock thinks is ruling them now from heaven with Jesus! Pretty neat eh? Just never show anyone the rule book or they might figure that out! Now get busy and start a witch hunt because that will pull the flock together tightly with fear, keep all of one mind, and keep the group cohesive and submissive. Oh and be sure to tell them how good they are following now and then when thier hours are up, a pat on the head usually does well.

    Did you see anywhere in there where the Holy Spirit was even mentioned let alone become amplified in them?

    To them the "Holy Spirit" must be figurative or symbolic. It just means that they are good at programming the flock and themselves successufully.

  • aikido1914

    Perhaps what you wanted with holy spirit wasnt what God wanted to give, eh, You wanted a miricle, but instead you got ""MEN who relied on BOOKS who opened there OWN LIPS to give COUNCIL based on "ANCIENT" texts but hey are deeply true and for your own good... Perhaps a pride problem is in order, or a reaction to ones that OH MY GOD>>> KNOW BETTER THAN YOU... why go to them if you are all knowing and have such infinite wisdom that you dont need others direction. You wanted Miracles and the dead raised, and i know that thats not happening in these days that we have to live ... Its advise from another human being to help.. Thats it, we all live the same crap everyday, live with it and get real and learn to listen to the wisdom if its coming with love and a sense of experience.. I think alot of the problems come about because of killing the message because of the messenger and thats not fair... Its a matter of listening and doing more quiet time to think than opening ones mouth to spread bull s... because of "where its coming from.... Hey if that was the case than all children should never listen to there parents or drivers should never respect the limits, orwe should all just jump off buildings because of the "NEED" to fly....Stop looking for waters to be parted and stop looking to be fed, there human and if you want to listen then fine, if you dont then fine, but dont expect what GOD wont give you in your expectations.. And its not my "two cents worth" its reality.......

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