How Should Anointed Christians View Themselves?

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  • jwdoctrine

    In this coming Sunday's study article :”We Want to Go With You” and paragraph 5 we read :

    “Those who partake of the emblems at the Memorial should carefully consider the warning found at1 Corinthians 11:27-29. (Read.) What point is the apostle Paul here making? An anointed Christian would partake unworthily if he did not maintain a good relationship with Jehovah. (Heb. 6:4-6; 10:26-29) Such a warning helps anointed Christians to remember that they have not yet taken hold of the reward. They need to continue to press on “toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God by means of Christ Jesus.”—Phil. 3:13-16.” (wt. 21/03/16 ,par 5)

    This is an article written for those considering partaking from the emblems.The Watchtower is using Paul’s words to the Corinthians to stress the point of how seriously you should take this decision,in their effort to stop more from taking from the emblems they use the verses in 1 Corinthians out of context .Read here the rest of the article

  • prologos
    There is only one "anointed" in that picture. how should he view himself? the only way he can, in a mirror obviously.
  • ttdtt

    Latest WT messaging to 'anointed' and to everyone else...

    1. Never ask an anointed about being anointed.
    - Subtext - we know most are all batcrap crazy, and we don't want you to hear the crap they would say because you might question us the GB.

    2. Anointed, shut up and sit down.
    - Subtext - I know just a few years ago we at the GB had to respect you and you had some voice, now we just think you're all nuts - and there is only room for us 7 nuts at the top, so shut up and sit down and don't bother us.


    Seeing as the GB now teach that the "evil slave" is hypothetical, thereby rendering Jesus' lesson useless, all "anointed" should view themselves as once saved, always saved. After all, if they cannot ever be the "evil slave", they cannot lose out on the reward.

    Jesus' words must trump Paul's warning to the Corinthians. Either that, or the GB of the WTBTS is wrong yet again....


  • SafeAtHome
    The Jesus in that picture looks awfully Anglo white. And isn't that Ringo Starr on the right? Why doesn't WT at least portray the ethnicity correctly?
  • Sabin

    Safeathome, i agree with you. I always used to like the pictures of Jesus, a big man with good muscle definition & hair on his body. Then i think it may have been a couple of years ago came the memorial tract minus the hairy chest. I was mortified, one day they will portray him as a man who went for a back/sack & crack wax just to fit in with the generation.


    Did "personal space" not exist back then? Also, I'm pretty sure that Jesus did some manscaping.


  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Their Jesus is not looking very friendly here, he has such a weird expression on his face... Is he looking at Judas?

    But John is certainly looking extra lovey-dovey here. The other disciple is looking at the bread like, "WTF? Bread/body? Wine/blood? What??" lol

    The language in the paragraph mentioned sounds really hostile, like, "Those who partake... should *CAREFULLY CONSIDER the *WARNING*!!! found at blah blah blah scripture..." And then they repeat the word "warning" two sentences later. Like they really need to CAUTION people about not partaking. Buncha blowhards. They must not like those numbers going up in the Yearbooks....

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Hahaha!! I got curious and looked up the Memorial day texts -- almost ALL of them are warning and cautioning and explaining how ONLY those who are "anointed" should partake... and how only those thusly "ENTITLED" should partake... that only these "approved" ones are "worthy" and how you would not want to partake unworthily.... On and on they go for close to a week.

    They really do want to hammer this point home.


    How Should Anointed Christians View Themselves?

    An anointed Christian would partake unworthily

    if he did not maintain a good relationship with Jehovah.....WatchTower

    ........Image result for communion...

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