Are you posting while you are supposed to be working?

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  • waiting

    In business for myself & don't particularily like my least not after 25 yrs of same ol' - same ol'. So this is my diversion.

    Thanks - keeps me awake.


  • Lapuce

    Yes guilty like most of you, I work the graveyard shift and sometimes theres not much to do at work...


  • drwtsn32

    Yeah, I sometimes pop in and check to see if anyone has sent me a PM.... or post a quick message. After that I feel guilty and get back to ebay surfing.

  • LDH

    Never post from work.

    Work for a Fortune 50 company which scours personal internet access and blocks sites that aren't work related.

    Besides that, too busy at work. I wish I could though!


    Lips are zipped at work, Class

  • Abaddon

    Well, in my former job as Assistant IT Manager I had complete overview of internet usage... I was always surprised I stayed out of the top twenty users! But other than a few long-term projects and dealing with problems as they came up, the department didn;t take long to get into shape and run smoothly, so I had oodles of time. When the factory closed I was back on 1st level tech support for seven months, and had no time. Now I have time again, as I'm not on a constant uncontrollable dripfeed of calls, but can plan my own day and when I do work... and as I work fast when I work, I have the same workload as my colleagues, but just do it quicker and have more time for me.

  • D8TA

    What the HELL is WORK?

    And if it's really good stuff, can I have some?

    * D8TA, 32 yrs. old and retired in Brazil with lotsa moolah, thanks to era. and a dead family member.

  • obiwan

    I'm at work as I type....hehe!

  • yxl1

    yeah, inbetween ebay surfing and buying DVD's from play

  • kelpie

    I used to be guilty of it and even won one of Ozzie's polls because I spent the most time on here but since starting my new job, I dont have that much time on my hands to get on here much anymore which is sad.

    but yeah, i know what its like to spend all your day at working, on the forum...hehehe

  • Austrian

    I do almost all my posting during work. My boss works in a office 4 hours away and most of the day I have nothing to do. So if you would come to the office you would likely see 4 guys either surfing the net or playing games. Typical telecom.

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