Bob up and down Naked.......Really???

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  • Giordano

    What is TWTP?

    The Way To Paradise By Rutherford! Surprised you didn't know that

    Searcher....LOL. I had to google it.

    I hope everyone realizes that The Golden Age became the Awake mag.

    This is the stuff the WTBTS was feeding their followers.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    Thanks Giordano - I'm only 19!!! :)
  • jhine

    LUHE , that could give a whole new meaning to "June is busting out all over " lol ( doesn't bare thinking about )


  • flipper
    Freaking dumb as rocks I swear to Jehovah. Really funny in a dark humor kind of way. Wow. And I was born into an organization like that because of my parents ? What does that say about my parents ? Good lord
  • slimboyfat
    The Way to Paradise was by Van Amburgh. It's one of the few Watchtower books that wasn't either anonymous or under authorship of the Watchtower president. What others have there been? Come to think of it. The only other I can think of at the moment is the legal booklet by Covington. Unless that wasn't even an official Watchtower publication.
  • careful

    SBF, there was this article authored by Lowell Dixon, Brooklyn Bethel head physician, and Writing Department member Gene Smalley, in the JAMA here:

    Official? Well, not really, but surely it must have been authorized by the GB.

  • Giordano

    Great Catch SBF!

    W. E. Van Amburgh, who was the Secretary/Treasurer of The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society for 43 years. It is worth noting that in his time W. E. Van Amburgh was one of only five members of the Watch Tower Editorial Committee qualified, as the Watch Tower said, "to approve as Truth each and every article appearing in these columns." He must have been very thoroughly familiar with all the Watch Tower's teachings to hold such responsibility. Today many of the doctrines taught in "The Way to Paradise" are no longer taught by Jehovah's Witnesses

    Perhaps because they would be profoundly embarrassed to be associated with some of these statements.

  • fastJehu

    I love this "Idea on Health":

  • Finkelstein

    The old GB members or past Presidents of the Watchtower Corporation were a breed of stupidity and ignorance all to themselves, their writings and ideas shows that conclusively.

    Some of the more notable self inspired ideas which created a really problematic situation to devoted followers was the No Blood Transfusion doctrine back in 1941. Here it was proclaimed by the WTS heads at the time that transfusing blood from one person to another would essentially transfuse the givers wrongful detrimental character atrobutes and personality over to the receiver of the blood transfusion.

    True look t up

  • Finkelstein

    This is what happens when ignorant poorly educated men take on the persona of god's chosen ones set about and established to spread wisdom, knowledge and truth to all mankind.

    The human folly of listening to these men and being subservient to them is plain to see .

    The No Blood doctrine which was established 1941 has killed thousands of people and still kills people to this very day.

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