Why take it personally?

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  • SamTheGinge

    I was brought up as a Witness from the age of 4 years old, right through until I got 'the boot' at the age of 26. I had grown up with people the same age as me and they became very good 'friends', untilt the minute I got disfellowshipped. I haven't spoken to a good majority of those people for over 12 years now, and I don't know how I feel about it. A number of my friends were also disfellowshipped and we have a chat, and a laugh, about the good old days, but do talk about the people that shun us and how it must be awkward for them when they see us in the street, especially given that when we see them we always smile and say hello! In some ways it's quite amusing to see them get so embarrassed and look away not knowing what to do.

    I agree that with some people it will play on their minds that they have known you, well in my circumstance, for over 20 years and then all of a sudden they are told to cut you off without even a goodbye. However, there will also be some who will be quite haughty about it and look down on you for no longer being in the 'Truth' and will take some delight in thinking they are better than you. It's all quite sad really.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    A random thought occurred to me today.
    I actually feel genuinely sorry for witnesses who cut contact with ones they feel are no longer "spiritual" .
    They do this based NOT on anything that the person has actually done to them personally, but due to an imposed view from the society.
    It must play havoc with their inner conscience as they try and reconcile that the person they cut off has NOT actually done anything to harm them, but they have to view them as evil.

    I am in this same situation with my family and you know it didn't bother me. I have had people come and go in my life and I just move on. If my family choose not to talk to me its their lose not mine. I can go on and be happy doing what I want to do without a conditional cult telling me what I should and shouldn't do.

  • Giordano

    I take this issue strongly. At it's base It is the separation of who is human and who is not.

    A firm believer....active and cheery about the entire belief structure, of whatever is believed at that time, is instructed to treat the JW bystanders or inactive ones as less then worthy............ even less then human.

    That leads to a false equivalency that field service and meeting attendance and reaching out is evidence of ones belief.......... allowing for family dysfunction and banishing. In harsher times, stoning or being burned at the stake.

    A modern day JW is only a stones throw away.

    One should reward such conduct by immediately leaving an organization like the JW'S.

  • Giordano

    double post

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said Giordano!

    That reminded me of the comments said by one of the Gb in a talk once: "now, unlike the Isrealite days, we cant stone rebellious people...but we can DF them"

    It was almost like they WISHED they COULD stone them!

    Now that is Sick behaviour

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