Ph.D Dissertation on Hayden Covington

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My gift is manifestly law and/or politics such as lobbying. The top ranked schools gave me complete merit scholarships. Yet I was a toilet bowl girls for the Witnesses. It reminds of when many whites discriminated against blacks, believing them to be recent descendents of jungle monkeys. Yet black professionals discovered blood plasma and other things that that saved millions of lives. My father was in the process of pulling me out of high schooll when he died. I resolved I would have to leave my mom and siblings to enter a foster home. Wordly people thought I was such a model teen. Not my family or the Witnesses. The fury is present after all these years.

    My gut instinct is that the ACLU formulated the strategy. The Witnesses certainly did not tell the ACLU to go away.

    I haven't read the mind control books yet. From my perspective, education should make it much easier to see through the WTS caprices. I have a feeling many, many Witnesses have doubts but their people-pleasing behavior keep them in bondage.

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