Who is "The" Creator ? Jehovah or Jesus ?

by smiddy3 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Finkelstein

    It must be man for he is the inherent creator of the creator(s).

  • smiddy3

    David _jay

    My OP question was intended for those associated with the JW religion whether past or present members.

    I didn`t have anybody else in mind ,maybe it was naive of me .

    It appears you are limiting the question to Christians as you are including Christian texts in the discussion.

    More specifically to JW`s or ex JW`s and if others with a different viewpoint like yourself have input I appreciate that.

    Isn`t that what a discussion board is all about ?

  • venus

    This is nothing but obscurantism, and priestly class needed this tactics so that people were there always looking to them for information. If it is made clear, that is the end of flocks coming to them.

  • David_Jay

    My post is not an attack or insult.

    As you wrote, this is a discussion board. So I am doing just that. And I'm glad you appreciate that.

    Your question is: "Who is the Creator? Jehovah or Jesus?"

    That is like asking: "What is your favorite food? Raw fish or liver?"

    Not everyone has a favorite food. Not everyone likes raw fish or liver, and giving only those two choices is limiting, right?

    I was merely pointing out that the question was limiting, as if I asked: "Which of the High Holy Days do you prefer the most?"

    If you are not Jewish and don't observe the High Holy Days, the question is limiting and hard (if not impossible) to answer.

    I am an ex-JW too, but not all of us are from the same cultural, Christian, theist background or share the same values just because we were once Jehovah's Witnesses.

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