Elders & Ex Elders, did knowing sins of congregation members change how you treated them?

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  • Socrateswannabe

    Wasanelder Once: In answer to your OP yes, it changed the way I treated the pubs because I lost respect for them. That was really my fault, because I had the expectation that since this is supposed to be god's organization, we should be better than the "world" we're surrounded by. Of course that's not true and in fact the JDubs are no different than anyone else. All of that bible education that they get has very little effect on any of them, and I include myself in that.

    And it's not just the pubs. The same kind of shenanigans that you see in the rank and file is going on with the elder body. There's plenty of backstabbing, underhanded dealings, temper tantrums, marking territory, and nepotism going on. Oh, and that goes for many of the COs that I've known too.

  • respectful_observer
    Not as an elder, but as a child of an elder, it had an impact. My father never shared any details with us, or even pointed to certain individuals; instead, very early on my parents decide to limit who and how we (me and my siblings) could associate with our peers in the hall. When we were young he saw and heard stuff as an elder that led him and my mom to decide that most of our association with other J-dubs had to be at our house, under their supervision, and that sleepovers only led to trouble-- hence they were verboten for us. Result: virtually zero friends.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Yes. When a JW commits a 'sin', the stigma is held over his/her head with the suspicion of 'repeated' offenses.
  • RichardHaley
    seeing how full of shit they were. I admit I had no patience with some. They seemed just a day away from being found out as a repeat offender as far as I was concerned
    exactly how I felt...

    There were some though that were rather funny, you know, confessing to something without realizing it until afterwards and then getting all mad about it.

  • sherrie11

    We leave it up the jehovah! A way way out. Dealing with this cult and its adherants is like banging your head on a brick wall! I have been a return visit for a young elder for a few months. I kept my mouth shut for two visits and finally I opened my mouth ,they knew mutual friends (that a no longer my friends due to the ugly disfelloshipping policy)

    I have been out for close to 20 years.

    I guess I was kinda a same story lack of Christian love blah blah! The response was when I mentioned I am looking forward to an eternal dirt nap as opposed to their unrealistic life on earth forever....the elder who I almost thought was credible said I am looking forward to all the things I am going to do in the new system!!!

    Haha! Elders are brainwashed just as the stupid Guardian's of the doctrine are!

    I give up!

  • JWdaughter
    resoect_observer: all things considered, it is probably just as well no sleep overs. But as to limiting your friendships and association so much, did it make you wonder about how the most happy and loving organization on earth created an entire congregation of people who were not trustworthy enough for children to visit unless accompanied by their parents?
  • Divergent


    I did know a brother that had a hard time with porn. Well when I found that out I'll admit it was tough to shake his hand after.

    Was it sticky?

  • ttdtt
    For me just that it was hard to take some peoples giant hypocrisy. Knowing their past and hearing some of their comments and how they treated others made me want to vomit.

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