JWs Reveling In The News Of Hurricanes And Earthquakes

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  • blownaway

    they will use anything that is a natural disaster or man made disaster to make themself feel better. Idiots.

  • WTWizard

    And they blow off science. No, it is not the sign of the end.

    Rather, there are multiple scientific factors involved. Man-made global warming is suspect, and to the extent that the Establishment has suppressed free and clean energy, they are responsible. Chemtrails and the HAARP are also suspect in creating part of this man-made global warming, along with all the hot air emitted from those who promise change (such as Killary).

    One factor that is not given attention is the eclipse we had in North America. While it might not seem a big deal, it did deprive a stripe of the continent of solar warming. This cools off the ground significantly, and cools the air directly above the ground. Thus, you get sinking air which has to come from higher altitudes. This, in turn, can temporarily disrupt the jet stream, moving it into the area where the eclipse passed. That prevents some of the shearing that ruins hurricanes, as well as preventing them from getting steered out to sea or quickly through the country (instead of sitting there, dumping meters of rain). While the jet stream is now back to normal, we still have to live with the storms left in its wake.

    Put in perspective, it is busy but not unprecedented. We had a big hurricane season in 1995 and 2005. There were more hurricanes in earlier times, not recorded because no one tracked them. As for earthquakes, the Ring of Fire has awakened for a time. This is not unusual, and one earthquake triggers others in this area. It happened in 2010-11 as well, and there are many other places that are not quite ready but will be next time.

    And, of course, there is the damnation book itself. That LIE-ble is a curse on the planet, and earthquakes are part of that curse. Every time anyone abides by that stinking book, they are putting energy into the next sequence of earthquakes (and disease outbreaks, also part of that curse). Global warming--also affecting other planets--is possible through this curse, and it would be man-made since the LIE-ble is man-made, as is the curse contained therein.

    Not to mention, how much pollution is generated just going to and from church or boasting sessions. How much pollution does field circus generate? What about eating fast, good-tasting poison all the time? Dry cleaning suits all the time? Printing LIE-bles and distributing those damn things? And I am sure Islam is just as bad, with endless trips to mosques and distributing Qurans (which also contain this curse). And they blame normal human activity?

  • Chook

    Remember when aids first come out they trumpeted that gods people were protected due to not having transfusions, they love to take advantage of disasters. Brothers didn't die of aids just died of a lack of red fluid. Sell fear it has a garentee

  • ShirleyW

    Chook - You actually know someone who said that the JWs were protected from AIDS because of not taking blood? Could you please tell that bro or sis that in the Cong I attended I can name one elder and the wife of the elder, she got it from him, along with both of their infant twins, I don't think either one of them made it to their first birthday. Also in the 80's at the time all those deaths from AIDS was happening, in another Cong this young brother who was hairdresser died from pneumonia, so you can figure that one out I'm sure, plus two more sisters I just thought of.

    ALSO, reading that attachment, with the brothers talking back and forth about earthquakes, what the heck is this app they all have now? Do all Dubs have this app to track every quake, but in there minds they think they're tracking how much longer to the Big A? What a bunch of morons.

  • pale.emperor

    Remember when aids first come out they trumpeted that gods people were protected due to not having transfusions, they love to take advantage of disasters. Brothers didn't die of aids just died of a lack of red fluid. Sell fear it has a garentee

    I remember that Chook.

    The brothers dont die of AIDS, yet in 1994 there was an Awake! featuring JW kids that died for want of a blood transfusion.

    I remember this magazine being out, my mum and my aunt crying reading it but so proud of those kids. One kid (im not sure if it's in the magazine or was mentioned on the platform) apparently turned off the blood drip-tap thing and was held up as a great example.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @Diogenesister Would totally visit Warwick with you, lol. It is, after all, the second biggest tragedy to ever hit New York.

  • Ruby456

    Such thinking is deeply imbedded perhaps even hard wired because of the many climactic changes the earth has undergone. So warnings from the GB are going to have an effect if people let it. But such events made us what we are and what we will become.

    unless of course we can modify our environment to suit human life more even into the distant future.

    the new sys is a way to imagine ongiong everlasting human life I guess.

  • Bobcat

    I friend of mine who attends a not-too-distant KH told me that they were having some sort of 30 minute video presentation tonight (9-22-17 Friday) at their KH. She said it was "concerning the weather." That's all she knew. It's not their CO visit, by the way. And this is in an area that was affected by hurricane Irma, but not too badly.

    Anyone heard anything about/like this?

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