JW's Changing Tune

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  • sir82

    Last year's convention: Pioneer and you will get to pet lions, eat fruit on the beach and welcome departed loved ones to have fruit and pet lions.

    This year's convention: Pioneer or you will be turned into a pillar of salt.

    Sound any different?

    Makes we wonder what they will do for an encore next year.

    Pioneer or watch your loved ones get their skulls crushed by flaming hailstones, just prior to turning into a pillar of salt yourself?

  • jookbeard

    are they still dying because of refusing blood transfusions? yes

    do they still shun? yes

    do they still believe they are only group on Earth selected by god to do his will ? yes

    do they still believe of the destruction of billions and a new world in which they will only reside on? yes

    do they still believe we are close to the end? yes

    same shite some re-branding, dumbing down ,less meetings , less printed matter, an embrace of technology , are they still a dangerous high control group that the world should be warned off to stay well clear of? YES!

  • Pistoff

    From David Jay:

    Leaving a cult leaves you with an ache that is never satisfied by joining a mainstream religion or merely stating you are now atheist or agnostic.

    So true; even more than that, the cult experience is unique because cults are a very powerful clique.

    As JW's, we were part of a very small group that knew why we existed, why the world was chaotic, why bad things happened, and we had a very bright and secure future.

    Our small group was going to live through the world's worst apocalypse, and form the nucleus of the new order, the new system, the new world (whatever the term they are using now).

    That is powerful stuff.

    Of course, it was fake; the theology is badly flawed and if you start thinking too much, or ask difficult questins, or when you are not part of the in crowd in the hall, it can be a real living hell.

    But the feeling of belonging was strong.

    I would guess that many who have left occasionally pine for the old feeling of security once in a while; I do.

    Of course, that is fleeting, and that place I remember does not exist anymore, because I have changed.

    I reject the idea that any man or group of 'anointed' has the right to tell me what to believe about god, or what to wear, or think.

  • dozy

    Regarding 607 - it is still a mess ( but the WTBTS have dug themselves so much into this hole that they can't get out. ) There was an article in a Watchtower a few years ago on 607 BCE that used Rolf Fururi's very dubious theory that no other scholar agrees with. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolf_Furuli

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    "All the old problems are now gone"..."the religion is now truly theocratic!"

    It was always vomit .....................and now it is stale vomit

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Ran into an old JW friend this past weekend, he ask me why am I soooo stubborn? You need to come back a lot of changes since I left, not the same organization...I left in 1987.. JW's are the most nutty people in the world...

  • TheWonderofYou

    In this months (June 17) broadcast the org emphasises the benefit of voluntary service for the organisation in the construction of convention halls like in the Netherlands.

    About some volunteers is said that they "sold their house" or "quitted their job" (POSITIVE TUNE)

    That this was mentioned surprised me, because at this years Region Convention they say about those who believed in the 1975 date:

    "some even sold their homes and quitted their jobs" (NEGATIVE TUNE)

    While those view from the older generation that gave up house and job and looked forward to 1975 are treated today as DULLARDS those contemporaries volunteers who do it not for the date but for the convention halls are the new CELEBRITIES in the organisation.

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