JW's Changing Tune

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  • SickofLies

    I left the religion back in the early 2000's, tell you the truth it's been so long now I've been out I don't remember exactly when I left. I definitely used this site a lot when I first left and it was a great asset. When I left I somehow managed to get my parents to come with me. In the last year because they were having a really hard time adjusting to life outside of being a JW (hard time making friends and fitting in with 'normal' society) they decided to go back.

    Now they are coming around to my new family trying to convince myself, my wife and kids to join. They keep trying to sell me this story that everything is different now, that I wouldn't recognize the religion if I came back, I hear stories like all the old elders that were authoritarian and controlling were removed, DF'ing is rarely used anymore and it's so much easier to come back. They say many people don't take it seriously anymore (that part I believe). Is this just a local phonoma contained to my parents congregation (Florida area)? Has anyone heard of such things happening in the organization?

    Since I left has there really been any major changes? I just want to get back up to speed. I used the 607 B.C.E thing which worked with my dad back in the day, but I guess they are publically admitting that historians don't support that date now and have some convoluted explanation that seem to work for him on this issue.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    They are not authoritative or controlling as much as they were in the 70s-2005ish, but the guilt trips on doing as much as possible for "the kingdom" are alive and well.


  • Londo111

    They are rebranding to the point it's almost not the same religion anymore. But in regards being authoritarian, they are just as much if not more so.

    The packaging is changing, but when you open it up, it's still a cult and a toxic environment.

    I think the bottom line is: in a cult, "friends" are easily made, but it is an illusion. In the everyday world, it's more difficult for people in their 30's and older to make new friends. People by that age already have made their social circles. It's the one problem that is difficult to solve for those who leave the cult.

  • just fine
    just fine

    From what I have seen with my family it's the same crap - they are just getting better at hiding it.

  • SickofLies

    Londo - I completely agree, it's not an easy problem to overcome for older adults. I completely understand their decision to come back as it's hard being older and not having friends or any social support. I do not understand how they are able to sugar coat the reasons why I left and think that I would ever want to join again though.

    I just don't want them preaching to my kids, I would never wish that experience on any child. If an adult chooses out of their own free will fine, but to put a child in that environment where if they leave they have to re-learn how the world actually works and how to make friends and have a normal life is just not fair.

  • btlc

    Same s**t, different package.

  • ToesUp

    "that I wouldn't recognize the religion if I came back"

    They are correct there. We left 4 years ago and it is a totally new cult. They even have a new bible. Someone above stated that they re branded and re packaged the religion. Yep...it's now heading in the Televangilist direction. Everything is going digital, not much printing. As for the DF'ing that is total BS. Also, there are no more controlling Elders, that is utter BS. We have one on our tail now that is totally off his rocker.

    Best advise I can give you...STAY AWAY. It is the best decision you EVER made in your entire life.

  • nowwhat?

    Well if you still are a Christian you can get the occasional nuggett of use. On One hand most are just going through the motions for apperances. But the governing body today are down right Looney and authoritative as ever. Its all gimicky and no substance

  • Chook

    The only tune changed is the GB singing with their new silver sword stuck up their arse , but the forked tongue of deception is flickering at breakneck speed.

  • stuckinarut2

    If the very basis of the religion is false, WHY would you even entertain the idea of returning?

    It is precisely because I value truth and honesty that I left.....Never to return!

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