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    Signed and bumping. 

    Oh, the horror! I used "it's" instead of "its", and there's no "Edit" button ....

    The Jehovah's Witness cult is a religious front for a corporation. Historically, it's dealings have focussed on publishing and real estate, with more recent investments in hedge funds. They encourage their members to rely on government support such as food stamps and welfare, so that they can devote more time to 'slaving for Jehovah'. Here is one scam the IRS needs to investigate: when disaster strikes, the Jehovah's Witness corporation sends 'volunteers' to help members rebuild their homes. Of course, the member is expected to file claims with insurance and/or Government disaster relief, and turn any monies received over to their pastor as donations. Also, look into the construction of their Kingdom Halls. They loan the money to the local parish, whose congregates pay interest on said loan. Once the loan is paid off, the congregation 'donates' the building to the Jehovah's Witness corporation. That sounds very sketchy to me. How about you? That is not to mention the destruction of families and hiding of pedophiles. You are the IRS, follow the money! You took down Al Capone, you can destroy this heinous cult. Lead the way, America, and perhaps the rest of the Western World will follow.

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    Thanks guys!

    Let's keep it going!

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    I have just signed it
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    I have forwarded this to several people, but can I make a suggestion?

    ". unyielding, dangerous, and outdated policies on shunning or excommunication known as disfellowshipping

    · child abuse

    · the banning of lifesaving blood transfusions that affect children which would classify them as a cult- like organization that fails to protect children, and causes harm to minors and the general health and well-being of the public."

    It is not the IRS's responsibility to investigate shunning, ie people not talking to each other, even the courts don't recognise shunning as illegal.

    Also, refusing blood transfusion is voluntary, the IRS are not going to investigate that either. They don't care about what a religion teaches, I am afraid. They don't define cults either, so maybe remove any uses of that word.

    I would suggest removing those parts, if the petition can be edited at all.

    "We, as current practicing as well as former members of this organization, as well as others who are not affiliated with this said organization, feel very passionately and strongly that these child abuse offences and outdated policies must come to light and deserves more coverage in mainstream media in the United States. "

    I would recommend just ending this sentence at 'feel very strongly about these child abuse offenses and outdated policies'.

    The IRS are not interested in you wanting coverage from the mainstream media.

    The UK charities commission were only willing to investigate due to the org's child abuse related policies. If you want any real chance of being listened to, maybe focus on just the child abuse partof your letter. (which is quite well written).

    Finally, you may need to get media coverage for the petition.

    Best of luck. :)

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Sorry, I may not have expressed that clearly enough.

    The blood policy does obviously endanger children's lives, and they may not make an informed and voluntary decision.

    But it is not the responsibility of the IRS to look at what a religion teaches, which is the only link between the parents decision to refuse blood and the org's policy.

    Frankly, I have doubts that even covering up child abuse will be looked into by the IRS.

    All they seem to be concerned with is political campaigning.


    Anyway, this is a good effort, but unless you get the petition into the media somehow with an organisation behind you, I cannot honestly see it having an effect.


    Again, all the best. :)

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    I signed, but not sure if it counts that I am in the UK?

    People are asked to give their country as part of the signing process.

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    @ HB - I do believe it still counts. Either way, thank you very much for your support!

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