Watchtower Society owns Airplane

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  • Claudia Kittel
    Claudia Kittel

    I wouldn't be surprised if they owned a limousine, a couple boats, and a few buses for mass transit, and they wanted you to be a 100 hour per month pioneer with at least 25 bible studies, a mag route of 20 recipients, and if they dimished from that, they would get their fuel tanks emptied, their tires flattened, and of course the society would have to know exactly where they were going; they would put a phone in the vehicle or cockpit, and call them while they were flying or driving.

    very sick

  • stillajwexelder

    It is actually featured on one of their videos -- can not remember which -- one about all the preaching -- and I am sure it has been in an Awake or WT in the last 3 years or so

  • Wren

    I asked about the Society's airplane, not certain if it was this particular one or not, and I was told it was donated. There are JW's that are pilots with airplanes in Alaska and they don't all fly tin cans. Last stat I read was 1 in 36 Alaskan adults have a pilots license.

  • JeffT

    My brother (non JW) lived in Alaska for years and he owned and piloted his own plane. Planes are an absolute necessity for getting around up there. I'm sure there are bunches of Dubs in Alaska that have pilot licenses.

  • Gerard

    Cruise Speed: 210 kts Fuel Capacity: 102.00 gal Range: 1180 nautical miles.

    Cessna 402B , The letter "B" stands for Business comfort & Luxury.

    Tuntutuliak, Alaska is located 440 miles west of Anchorage with one well known activity: Salmon fishing. What was the WT's president doing there? Preaching to a hard-headed Eskimo?

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    they can fly over the city, and drop the pamplets out the door. What a great idea !!!!!!

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