Watchtower Society owns Airplane

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  • Stephanus

    I'm not sure if this was mentioned in order to highlight Watchtower opulence or not. In some parts of the world it is essential to have planes to get around. A non-denominational group called the Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) (also has a fleet of planes to get supplies and passengers in and out of mission fields in New Guinea - it was the only effective way to do so. They've been going at least since the 70s. Alaska would be in the same boat as far as needing to get around in planes.

  • HuskerMike

    actually, the plane is registered to "KINGDOM SUPPORT SERVICES INC" with a listing of Anchorage Alaska according to FAA records. It is the only plane listed for that owner.

  • aikido1914

    ... Im lost... ive read the post.... Its ALASKA, meaning alot of "ice" if they own a plane why is it a subject for interest for this board, yea, you dont like them but still, its a big stretch to make a whole big subject on it!

  • Kenneson

    A lot of religious organizations own planes. If the W.T. only owns one, I'd say that's rather modest.

  • Stephanus

    Now, if they owned a corporate jet for ferrying the elite around at their whim, then THAT would be news!

  • JT

    Now, if they owned a corporate jet for ferrying the elite around at their whim, then THAT would be news

    I agree this article really has no value if one is trying to point out the misuse of money, that is one thing that i will concede wt is stingy-

    when i was at bethel there were guys who were over millions of $$$ yet they were tight wads

    the days of Rutherford are gone - in fact the way wt is set up today no one actually can get their hands per say on the money,

    what they do enjoy is the money of members by being HOOKED UP-

    when you consider the amount of CASH wt is sitting on - buying some little single engine Putt Putt plane means very little - now a couple of LEARS and GulfStream THEN YOU CAN TALK

  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    Juneau, the state capital, is not excessible by road. Airplane and boat are the only way to reach that city. If you have ever been to Alaska, you would see that there are a lot of small airplanes. In fact, there is a row of houses which back onto the railway in Anchorage that has a runway along the back, and every house has an airplane. I saw this in May when my wife and I were there.

    Unfortunately, there is no breaking story here. It is a necessary form of transportation in Alaska.


  • Matty

    There's a link to the original information in this old thread here, written by Kent:

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Here is a pic of a Cessna 402B.

    Planes like this are not uncommon, especially in Alaska where it would be difficult to get from one remote location to another by ground.

  • HuskerMike

    this is very true. Alaska is probably the most aviation rich state in the union. They get their very own FAA pool of money, while the rest of the country splits the rest. By the way, for those who don't know, business jets ARE profitable for corporations. They save time and money. Most, if not all, corporate flight departments have to "show" or prove their value. Typically, when the business is having hard times, the jet goes. However, the jet can and does make corporations money. Also, corporate jets mostly carry mid-management types. Most people think they simply take CEO's and family from one resort to another. This is a myth. Not to mention, that when this does occur, it has to be added to the CEO's compensation for tax purposes. FYI, I am a pilot and work in the field of aviation (airport consultant).

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