What was the biggest hypocrisy you have seen while a witness?

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  • Jason Melita
    Jason Melita

    I used to cuss when not around witness kids, I would drink when I would sneak out to a party, I tried marijuana a few times In my teens but I never held anyone else up to any other standard of behaviour besides what I did myself, in fact I loved it when I found other "rebel" witness kids, we grew really tight and had each others back. None of them remained with the Org.

  • closed

    Elders daughter living with her JW gay partner for over a decade and because her dad was good pal of congs coordinator no actions whatsoever :) an elder who objected the plot was removed and his name and his family taken through mud. It made me to step down from the privilege and opened my eyes. Besides CO was not even bothered to get involved. People who were in power in that cong had money ;) so.. Well..

  • Tallon

    I recall, many years ago, a brother delivering a part on the service meeting and the 'old chestnut' of not pursuing higher education was one of the main points. What do you need higher education for when the end is so near, right!

    Meanwhile his daughter was studying for a university degree.

  • zeb

    the branch office in the old South Africa willingly handing over young brothers field service records to the govt when they were tried for refusing military call up. But keeping so many other records secret and we all know what those ones are.........and

    having young brothers go to prison instead of military call up because the wt refused to allow 'alternative service' and later they changed their mind. ( or did the holy spirit change its mind ?)

    and have brothers in a central American country pay off their officials to get some sort of clearance on military service.

    and 15 year old girls being allowed to celebrate their 15th birthday in same country.

    and denying that they required the bros and sisters in Malawi to refuse the political party card when they really did. But saying that the jw there 'chose' to not carry the card.

    and 1975..............

  • honest

    They don't vote but are happy to take government handouts

  • konceptual99

    Congregations are riddled with individual cases of hypocrisy but lets not forget the number of organisational examples of hypocrisy. The blood doctrine, free passes for historical sin for elders, Mexico/Malawi, criticism of Christendom for changing doctrine, claiming that anyone should be able to change their beliefs without consequence.... the list goes on and on and on.

  • tiki

    Condoning child abuse and molestation. The epitome of non Christian behaviors.

  • tiki

    Money grubbing.....and after all the diatribe about the Catholic church sucking $$$ out of their minions. Oh. And even go back to medieval times when the common man was banned from reading the bible....parallel that with the ban on reading any info of a religious nature not published by their corp

  • stuckinarut2

    So many things...including ones already mentioned by others.....and many more....

    I literally have lost count!

    But one classic was seeing an elder in bethel bribe the branch committee with a bottle of expensive scotch to get a sister out of his department because she turned down his offer to "get to know one another"!

    Yep, then that elder used to talk openly about not doing anything deceitful !

    I can't make that stuff up....

  • Heaven

    A guy in my parent's previous congregation raped his daughter repeatedly while she was growing up. He is still a JW in good standing.

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