Ask current Jehovah's Witnesses if they KNOW what happened in 1954 (SHOCKING)

by Terry 24 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • cyberjesus

    excellent as almalways! if Rusell would resuscitate now... he would prolly dissasociate from the jws and would go to the international bible students

  • Terry

    Odd thing about "Jehovah God".
    Weird and alien phrase.
    But after a few sips and you find the bottle empty - easy peasy.
    Jesus just floats away.
    "In the name of your son, Jesus" is about as close as JW's get at the end of
    those stiff prayers.
    Christians one and all, they say. My grandmother called them, "Jehovahs."
    I think she had it right.

  • Terry

    THIS IS THE BOOK I FIRST STUDIED IN when my best friend, Johnny Santa Cruz
    indoctrinated me in Grade 6 of Elementary school.

    Image result for Paradise Lost book by jehovah's witnesses

  • RubaDub

    Terry ...

    Just answering your question, I don't think most JW's know what happened in 2019, let alone 1954.

    It's just the way it is and the way we learn to think, or not think. Just operate on autopilot.

    Rub a Dub

  • Terry

    Jehovah's Witnesses weren't JEHOVAH's WITNESSES until 1931.
    Until that year the people who had been hard-headed followers of End Times false prophecies by William Miller and Seventh Day Adventists, more or less settled into following charisma-ballyhoo preaching by folks like "Pastor" C.T. Russell.

    What was it that attracts these people? A thin veneer of pious Bible interpretation as a means of prepping for the END of the WORLD.
    Yep. Early versions of doomsday prep.
    If it sounded complicated, clever, and (above all) imminent - preppers were stuck like glue.
    It is addictive for some folks. Let's face it.
    But it isn't an intellectual sport supported by Science. Nope - it is fed by bullshit.
    Bullshit that sounds smart is addictive.
    (If you don't believe it - think about Politics today.)

    The people who stick with Watchtower changes are not THINKING PEOPLE.
    They are team members in a kind of pyramid scheme. (Literally, in the case of Russell).
    How so?

    New recruits go out and sell others on joining the club of Doomsday watchers hunkering down for Armageddon.
    Those newly acquired newbies, in turn, go out and do the same.

    THAT IS ALL THERE EVER WAS to being a Jehovah's Witness.

    What keeps this bullshit interesting? Counter-intuitively it is the CHANGES to the doctrine!
    It is edge of your seat drama!
    "Here is the LATEST update on TRUTH about Armageddon!"

    (Previous reports (Old Light) were incomplete from the field).

    News bulletins and New Light are the same thing emotionally.

    So, actually "thinking" about what they are believing just gets a JW nowhere but in trouble with the Organization.
    Doing exactly as you are told is what keeps your motor running.

    Like Las Vegas, if you aren't a gambler - you've got no business hanging around the casino.
    Isn't that what a Kingdom Hall really is - a casino? You gamble everything you have in order to Win. The excitement of maybe losing everything for the chance to Win is oh so addictive and exciting and ----empty.

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