JUNE 2017 Watchtower - Lost a loved one? Go out in service!

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  • tor1500


    That is their answer to whatever ails you. Right now I'm dealing with a born in. They are having a difficult time in their marriage. All they want to do is go out in service then call me for encouragement. In reality they are running from their problems like many of us do. But witnesses make a habit of not dealing but know the scriptures back to front and what literature said about this or that. Witnesses do not apply what they read. They apply to others. That is why the want a Bible study so they can hide behind the student because if you have a student it makes appear you are doing the right thing. Not.

    But what they don't get is how that sounds. I won't deny that sometimes the sound of your own voice drives you crazy and your heart is in a choke hold, but if God is the God of peace and comfort then why hit the street. Witnesses don't have the faith to survive. Even they have a song that says. Do you have faith to survive? Nope they don't. They only have head knowledge and run to the hall for meetings because that's all they feel they should do. It's always said never miss your meetings meanwhile the ones who attend the meetings wouldn't give you a drink of water. To them being a Christian is going to the meeting and hours.


  • Darkknight757

    Service works great. All those pioneer sisters we did shepherding calls on certainty thought so. (As they sat there crying because they couldn't figure out why they were so depressed)

    They would go in service on the day of a parents/sibling funeral to show how faithful they were. It's absolutely criminal how the organization brainwashes a person into believing that peddling trash paper in some way dispels grief.

  • WTWizard

    One sure way to get past the death of someone is to work the whole Mea Shearim (in Jerusalem) door to door. Why? Chances are good that you will be croaked, and that will ensure you will join that dead one in death. As the rabbis will use the material you place to render black magic against the whole human race, you can be assured that soon you will gain plenty of company.

    Of course, this is not the recommended way--that is, unless you want to join your relative in death.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I would be so frickin' depressed about my loved ones being put into the ground to be worm food. I'd much rather think of them continuing on in some way. Religion is supposed to provide comforting answers.

    My grandmother feared death and as she got closer to it, I learned that the JW part of the family had sent her literature to help ease her fears. Instead it frightened her. Being a good Methodist woman, she wanted to go and be with her husband. The JW literature really depressed her.

    We dumped the literature she'd been sent in the trash and she actually died in peace. Sitting watching the nightly news.

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