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  • bulldogg1877

    Hello everyone

    I grew up a JW kid until the age of twelve. Since then I have lived a worldly life. I have enjoyed alot of my life experiences, but I now feel like I am lost. I have made some terrible choices recently that may affect how the rest of my life carries out. Now at the age of 41,I crave spiritual guidance. I am considering returning so I have the chance at a do over in paradise. Please give me your opinion.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Let me be honest with you. I would recommend that you visit jwfacts.com. Go there and spend some time reading about the Organization. Fact check as much as you want. If after doing so you still want to return to your local Kingdom Hall, then by all means do so.

  • joe134cd

    How can you return to something that is no longer there. The religion you left at 12 is completely different to the one now. I've nearly been gone 4 years and I don't even recognize it.

  • JWdaughter

    Eh, being a JW isn't going to fix your problems, Bulldogg. It will just set off a bunch of new ones. Not knowing the nature of your relationship to your family or if they are JW or not or what the situation is really doesn't change my answer. If you have done things to screw up your life, make some positive steps to correcting it. If it involves repentance to God, you don't need the JWs. If it is a legal issue, religion isn't going to help. A lawyer might. If your relationships are messed up, do what you can-but don't become a JW. It is just the start of a bunch of new problems.

    That being said, I have screwed up in a lot of ways and religion doesn't fix it. Goodness knows that the WT tells you that it will, that THEIRS will, but, it is a lie. You are in just the position now that JWs want you in. cowering, scared of the future and desperate. Really, this is not about a relationship with God, but finding a group of people who will give you some love bombing right now here on earth in this OLD system of things.. Any church would do, but the JWs are the one you know.

    Spiritually, you need to right any wrongs you have done. Then you need to forgive yourself. If you believe in God, repent to God. God doesn't need a half baked organization that doesn't get ONE SINGLE PREDICTION or PROPHECY right. They can't decide what blood is. They change their rules about what makes you acceptable or not acceptable on a whim. You have enough problems in your life, you don't need that flaky bunch to give you guidance.

  • smiddy

    You left the religion when you were about 12 ? Obviously you wouldnt have a clue what they taught back then except for a paradise earth I guess.

    And you are now 41 years old ? Do yourself a favour and do a little research into the JW religion before you commit yourself to a life of insanity.

    jwfacts is a good start or pick a subject that interests you and use the search option at the right hand top of your screen to get a wealth of information.

    But for your own sanity`s sake dont go back to a kingdom hall unless you have a death wish.

    Take care , I truly wish you well in your spiritual journey.

  • bulldogg1877

    good points so far. Thank you

  • freddo

    Funny old world bulldogg - welcome by the way; I was just about getting baptised when you were born and wish I hadn't. I've been an auxiliary pioneer, MS, Elder for over 25 years and the JW religion left me frustrated, angry and saddened.

    I'm coming through it now and finding spirituality without the charlatans in New York and their self-preserving mistakes, errors and deliberate lies.

    Best wishes on your journey.

  • stuckinarut2

    Sorry to hear that you are going through tough times.

    Rejoining a cult will NOT help you! It will simply seem to provide a measure of stability and structure for your life, along with a comforting hope. But that is it.

    You will become burdened with a new set of issues as you strive to meet up with all the expectations placed on you.

    You will become burdened with FOG (Fear Obligation Guilt)

    May I suggest that if you feel like your life is lacking guidance or structure, seek professional mental health assistance. Many here have done so, and it will help you to regain control over your life, and answers as to the "lost" feelings you are experiencing.

    Love and Best wishes!

  • steve2

    You are asking ex-JWs opinions about whether to return?! I'm both flattered and smused. I suspect you kind of know you won't go back - yet I acknowledge you are regretting some of your decisions and now feel lost.

    Seek some help from health professionals who will understand your dilemma but who will also help you better understand how your upbringing is impacting on you quite significantly at this stage in your life. Desperation is not a good head space for "working out" the big issues in life. A calm, intelligent and inquiring brain is required - and lots of courage to face your fears.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Welcome Bulldogg;

    Before you commit to anything, take a few steps back and consider the 13 points I've sent you in a P.M.

    Hopefully you will clearly see that the WTBTS does not reflect what the scriptures actually say.

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