What is sin?

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  • sinboi
    What would the world be like if there was no god?

    The world simply will not exist.

    If there is a god or if there isn't, we can't do anything about it.

    You have a point here. There is really nothing we can do about it.

    But if there is a god, isn't it natural for us to want to know from him what plans he has installed for us?

    Don't you agree that religion gives people a purpose to live for?

    There are benefits religion can bring to some people. I know you wont agree.

    Nobody understand me. My friends told me if I find the bible god no good, just dont worship him. What's the big deal? Why am I so sad? I also dont know. Maybe I need to go c a psychiatrist...

  • honest

    Sin is a invented concept to control us. To even suggest we are born sinning instantly holds us captive and feeling guilty from the day of birth. I have never understood how a newborn who burps, farts, poohs and pees and sleeps is actually sinning? This the stupidest middle eastern barbaric beliefs that infiltrated the world. It's utter Bs..

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    its only sin if you get caught.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    What would the world be like if there was no god?
    The world simply will not exist.
    How do you know that for sure?
    And...what would god(s) look like if there were no humans? ;-)
    Anyway, I'm with what honest said above: sin is invented to control people.
    It's very much the same as companies do nowadays: first make up a (imaginary) problem, then sell people the solution.

    Nobody needed smartphones until companies told us we need them. Thus we give our money to smartphone sellers.
    Nobody needed redemption until priests told us we're sinners. Thus we give our money, obedience and time to the priests.
    Do you see a similarity there?

  • cofty
    The world simply will not exist.

    sinboi I think you need to make sure that your beliefs line up with reality.

    There are so many things about the world you will learn if you keep an open mind and commit yourself to learning.

    You refer regularly to god as the creator. How do you reconcile a creator god with the reality that every living thing evolved from a common ancestor over millions of years. Despite what you have been told this is a fact beyond all reasonable doubt. It isn't even controversial in the world of science.

    Here are a collection of brief bite-sized pieces of evidence you probably have not considered before.

    Evolution is a Fact - Index of Parts 1 - 40...

    Nobody needed smartphones until companies told us we need them. Thus we give our money to smartphone sellers.
    Nobody needed redemption until priests told us we're sinners. Thus we give our money, obedience and time to the priests. - Anders Anderson

    This is excellent!

  • tor1500

    HI All,

    What is sin ? It varies from person to person...some people think cussing is a sin...some folks think it's ok to kill & so on...to me...the biggest sin is ....NOT TO BELIEVE...to believe you are the all to end all, & don't we have examples of those type of people who feel they are not accountable and can do whatever they want...Like Trump...Humans cannot handle power. Power is sexy...it makes you think you are more than you really are...When you don't think something or someone is bigger than you, you lose sight of life and humans...you lose empathy and compassion...so not to believe in anything that is bigger than you...to me that's a sin...You can believe in God, The Sun, 10 virgins in heaven whatever, but whatever gives you a conscience not to think too much of yourself...

    So What is Sin ???? to me...NOT TO BELIEVE....


  • sinboi

    what would god(s) look like if there were no humans?

    A very good question. Man is making god in his own image . Not the other way round. To all who believe in god, he is a kind, merciful, and loving god. But what if he is not? What if he is an evil dog who wanted those not believing in him to be killed just like allah and that yhwh?No! I am not going to worship this evil dog, even if he is the real god!!!

  • Confusedalot


    I sympathize with your situation, I'm also going through a similar struggle. That is why I called myself confusedalot. JW's dogma is so strict that it leaves a huge hole inside us. Not only do we struggle with who/how God is, what sin is etc., but also, and maybe more importantly who WE are.

    What I'm thinking about at the moment is: Am I able to understand/define/know God without someone(human by word, texts, media, traditions) telling me these things? In all my years God has never told me directly who or what he is and what he requires. People have told me. And if you say the bible told you, I have to say, who told you the bible is Gods word; people, the bible itself, or God directly?

    Currently I'm leaning towards atheism, but who knows, tomorrow I may be in tears calling on the name of Jehovah again, unfortunately for some of us this is part of leaving JW. Good luck!

  • Vanderhoven7

    Can America wipe out millions of people, men, women and children and still legitimately call itself a moral loving nation?

  • deegee


    I note your musings and the hard questions which you have been asking in this and other threads.

    Some people choose to believe that God exists but that he is not interventionist. He just created the world then went AWOL (deism).

    It is this lack of intervention, however, which has led others to believe that God does not exist at all. This is the case of Gretta Vosper a minister with the United Church of Canada who came out as atheist.

    The following is an excerpt from her defense to the United Church of Canada regarding her atheist stance:



    "........a being who presides over Earth from another realm, a supernatural one, from which it has the power to intervene in the natural world - capriciously or by design - by responding to our prayerful requests, or altering our minds and so, too, our actions, or intervening in the natural world with or without provocation or invitation in order to alter weather patterns, health, the accumulation or loss of wealth, the circumstances of birth including geography - a predictor of health and access to food and water - gender, sexuality, mental capacity, or beauty - all predictors of the power status and ease with which individuals will live their lives, then, no, I do not believe in that at all.

    Neither do I believe in a god of no substance who exists beyond the universe yet contains it, interpenetrating it in some incomprehensible way for some incomprehensible purpose.

    I see no evidence of such gods.

    Were I to be given incontrovertible proof that a god does or gods do exist, the evidence of the cruel and capricious realities of disparity, tragedy, illness, and anguish in the world, and the truth that our world and our experience of it is wrapped not only in beauty but also in excruciating pain, would prevent me from worshipping it or pledging my allegiance to it, no matter the cost.

    I DO NOT BELIEVE ......

    .......in gods who can intervene in the natural world; therefore, I cannot believe that there is something we could define as a “call” from any god to us to direct us to act in any particular way."

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