My Secret Email Campaign -or- "Dozens Now Living will Now Know"

by joe_from_kokomo 15 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • benext

    It's always good to keep the JW's up on current events. Excellent public service.

  • freeman

    Please forgive me Joe for having some bad thoughts about you just a moment ago. At first when I read your posting I thought perhaps you were doing this mailing campaign perhaps to undermine someone’s faith, but now I see your true motivation, you are just trying to help the brothers who go out in service. Yes I see it all quite clearly now, you are just simply keeping the brothers up to date on various subjects they may be asked about in field service. What a great idea, I’m sure Jehovah will bless all your efforts, keep up the good work!

    Sincerely your brother in the faith <vomit>


  • rocketman
    they have not blocked my emails, which means they are likely reading them and this is creating cognitive dissonance.

    Hmmmm, interesting.

  • joe_from_kokomo

    Well, this posting kinda lingered for a few days and got a 2nd wind - I thought it was being overlooked...

    Thanks to all for your positive comments. Please know that this is not about spamming anyone, but about edification, providing important news that will never ever be heard from the KH podium...

    More comments:

    Rocketman, et al: Yes, it is an interesting thing, and some have PM'd me their emails to use. It's really all about creating cognitive dissonance. This is planting a seed of truth/reality. Anonymously, as any dub will reject apostate material if they know for a fact it is apostate... but, a CNN news article???

    Ignored One: Thanks for your tip, and YES, Google News Search is exactly where I am looking for current events. Those links from last week about child abuse were doozies...

    BluesBro: appreciate your comment, too. I didn't get PM'd very many email addresses, and i can understand if some are squeamish to do so, but this is FALLING DOWN EASY to do yourself, if you want to. Just create a hotmail account and MAKE SURE THAT IT DOES NOT HAVE YOUR REAL NAME in the email handle or that your real name is not readily available to a Hotmail or Yahoo or whatever subscriber. Test by emailing yourself... Then paste the email addresses in the BCC field and press send. For some sites, you may have to have a TO: address, but you can just put your own anonymous email address in the TO: field and send yourself a copy, and then BCC everyone else, so that no one knows who else is on your list. He he he.

    Just a nice little private email news service... creating cognitive dissonance and planting seeds, some on fertile ground....

    As Ignored One said "news sources are best", because everyone BELIEVES WHAT IS IN THE PAPER (or News Web site).Thanks again for your comments one and all!

  • Nicolas

    Hi Joe, can I receive one of your special mail for myself? Because I would like to use it in my personal warfare against the power of the darkness (watchtower). If you could send it at [email protected] , it would be cool.

  • Pepper

    Ahh yes very commendable brother, I am sure all the friends will find your purely invasive reasoning a shock to their senses. Well done good and faithful slave, "move ahead move ahead always follow through". Blah Blah Blah... Pepper

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