WT Teaching On Who The NT was Written For

by Sea Breeze 14 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • zachias

    This is classic wt speak. By denying the NT they can stick to the old with all its rules rules and more rules so they can retain their power.

  • Ding

    Here's a link to a relevant talk entitled "We Wuz Robbed" by ex-JW, ex-elder Bob Gray.

    Starting at 12:40, he discusses what WT doctrine robs the "other sheep" of.


  • Biahi

    On of my last meetings I remember was a 1981? WT which said, and I quote, “Come to Jehovah’s organization for salvation.” Not Jesus, them. I was done.

  • wokeup

    Yes, the New Testament hope was a limited time offer that has since expired due to the literal 144,000 number promoted by the organization. But hope is not lost. We have another salvation plan for you! If you make a dedication vow to ‘Jehovah’ get baptized in symbol of that vow and live up to that vow by carrying out the perfunctory works outlined by the organization you can be his ‘friend’ now and for another 1000 years. Now that is good news!

  • forzaitalia

    What is the conflict? The guidance to the anointed on Christian living, must also apply to the great crowd. All believers in the first century were anointed.

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