Can you ever see a time when Govt`s of this world will attempt to abolish all religions ?

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    It is the opium of the people

    I heard that many many years ago and didn't understand it. Now I get it. Especially after seeing a documentary about very poor people that lived where drugs were grown. They didn't have enough to eat, even the babies. So they would give the children opium so that they didn't feel the hunger. Everyone was addicted to the opium. It made their life bearable.

    Until death is gone, there will be some kind of religion. Religion dulls the pain of death like the opium. Unfortunately, the ones who make religion a successful business, are sociopaths at best.

  • mikeflood

    I was reading Revelation, and, spoiler alert, found some crazy things.

    Anyway, it says that, as we all know, 'the beast is the eight king, the beast and the ten horns (the kings) are gonna receive authority for one hour with the beast, the beast and the ten horns are gonna hate and destroy Babylon the Great, eating her flesh and burning her with fire in just one hour, leaving her naked and ruined'.

    On a contradictory note it also says that 'the kings of the earth will weep and mourn over... Babylon the Great destruction'. Is it repentance over the hour they had with the beast? WT never have dare to explain this.

    By the way, as it says there, it is not abolishing religion it's destruction.

    Lot's of scholars say that this applied to Rome, so don't worry so much.

  • Vidiot

    Quick question... often has Prohibition been successful in the past?

  • Vanderhoven7

    Can you ever see a time when Govt`s of this world will attempt to abolish all religions ?

    Only if Muslims or Jehovah's Witnesses take over world government...and then it would be all (other) religions that would be abolished.

    By the way, Babylon the Great is described in Revelation as the city where our Lord was crucified....and it was destroyed in the first century, probably in fulfillment.

  • keinlezard


    In fact never. Why should Gov abolish religions ?

    on one hand The faith is a "humain right" how can gov forbid somebody to believe ? It's a right and it's in the human right declaration

    On the another hand, we know that gov's use religion as a "weapon" , CIA use "Christian Sect" , Korean use Moon Sect , Saoudia Arabia use salafism ...

    Yes, these gov play a dangerous game .. but since the world is the world they play ! It's a modern "Trojan" Horse ... and lobbying game

    They have no reason to abolish , money and power rather than the old deadly weapons and power ... it's a new kind of war.

    Best regards

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