Over 25 years without a "north king" now.

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  • The freewheeling
    The freewheeling

    Something Jehovah's Witnesses do not talk about so much these days is the "North and South kings" of the book of Daniel, and the reason is obvious. This is one of many failed prophecies of the governing body.

    They have not been able to present any new North King since the Soviet collapse in December 1991, over 25 years ago now! And this at a time when they are "so close to the end." and getting closer and closer... They have obviously no clue...

    Last time they wrote something about this was in the Watchtower 1/5 2015: "As keen students of God's Word, we wait with eager anticipation to see who in the near future will assume the role of" the king of the north."

    The problem for them is that there are still no alternatives. Potins Russia has certainly gotten stronger, but he still has only a tenth of NATO's military capabilities, and can not seriously compete with them. IS, which many JWs hoped would be a new candidate, will soon be knocked down. Remains china... But I do not think they can choose China because they are no witnesses there, they have nothing to do with "the people of God", which is usually a requirement for a new "king".

    Everything was so much easier for them when the world ​​was divided between East and West in the Soviet era.

    But what about Trump then? Even if the world would radically change with Trump (God forbid), the question is whether they would dare to appoint a new "king of the north"? The world is changing very quickly nowadays. Would they cope with a new failure in this? The bet would be high and the odds low. The question is how much they "await with eager anticipation." I think the governing body are waiting with "eager horror and fear" at this question as the world looks today.

    ... what do you think?

  • freddo

    King of the North is and always has been Santa Claus.

  • tiki

    Well...you must remember that Daniel at the end said the book was sealed up for the time of the end...then many would rove about and true knowledge would become abundant. So there is the possibility that their roving is in vain because the book is still sealed.

    Or...it could simply be the Islamic forces descended from Ishmael versus the Christian forces going back to isaac through a certain tribe of Jacobs siring ...

  • The freewheeling
    The freewheeling

    The problem is almost solved "freddo". Just needed a good explanation, and persuasion of the Governing Body, that the Christmas and Santa is Scriptural...

  • stillin

    I feel like a ship without a rudder. Maybe if I moved someplace south of here...

  • ttdtt

    Details details.

  • eyeuse2badub

    They are pathetic and laughable in their "interpretation" of the scriptures. The 'king of the north' is like the "good witch of the north" in the Wizard of OZ---fantasy at its best. Now all we need are the flying monkeys since we've been able to peek behind the curtain and the 'Wizard' has been exposed!

    just saying!

  • sir82

    That part of "prophecy", once arguably the centerpoint of JW end-times teaching, is all but forgotten now.

    "King of the North" and "King of the South", once mentioned nearly monthly in JW "literature", has scarcely been mentioned for 10, maybe 15 years.

    Ask any JW under the age of 30 about it, and you are likely to be met with merely a blank uncomprehending stare.

  • Spoletta

    With Trump in office, I wouldn't count out Russia as King of the North.

  • undercover

    Robb Stark is King in the North...oh wait, that didn't work out either. Will Jon Snow be able to take his place?

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