"Apostate" brother gives talk in Kingdom Hall and gets removed

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  • slimboyfat

    It's very good and amusing, but just how many times is this video going to be posted? I'm sure I've seen four threads now, and maybe I missed others.

    As someone commented on another thread, whatever elder mistakenly invited him as speaker probably got in serious trouble. Maybe even removed?

  • Cadellin

    This was outstanding--I have to thank Stonewall for posting and the "apostate" brother for doing what he did. Wow--he gave a really excellent talk, truth be told, and he didn't say anything that was really shocking or out there, by any means--and yet they turned off his microphone. Wow.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas
    notsurewheretogo asked, "How did he get into the position where he was giving a talk?"

    I don't know his specific details, but I was an MS when I gave my first public talk. That is how it was done back in the 1970s. My first public talk was also my last public talk because soon after that I learned that my congregation (Middle Village, Queens, NYC) had a pedophile who was allowed to go unpunished. I began fading soon after realizing that there was no Righteous Jehovah guiding a Pure Organization.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    I saw the video of this guy giving the talk. It was amazing and can honestly say it was 'THE TRUTH' ☺

  • Searching

    I'm honestly very impressed by his talk. He used the scriptures to back up what he was saying, and not once did he say anything disrespectful towards the organization.

    When I heard the Elder state that this was a "bad interpretation" I wish I had actually been at that meeting, I would have stood up and demanded to know what was so "bad" or "wrong" about it. He simply reiterated what the Bible has been saying all along, that Jesus is our King, Lord & Savior.

    Jesus preformed miracles so that he could prove he was the Son of God. He knew and valued the importance of proof, especially to those who had doubts, but had good hearts as well. He didn't tell Thomas "Well if you don't believe me then tough, guess you ain't getting into heaven."

    Though that seems to be the message that the WTS wants drilled into peoples heads more and more.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Loved this brother's talk and the courage he had in presenting a much needed corrective.

  • zeb

    Oh wow!!

    had I been there I would have cheered him with "about time! as he said of the older sisters who were nodding in complete agreement.

  • LongHairGal


    I watched this and I didn't think it was all that bad (possibly because an older brother years ago hinted to me that you might hear something "not right" from somebody).

    I can see how they were threatened by him going off the rails by suggesting that even those "higher up" can be wrong. He cast doubt on their sacred cows and they were afraid of whatever else he was going to say.

    I'm glad he was courageous enough to do this. And even though he was good, I am reminded of why I am glad I'm no longer sitting in a Kingdom Hall listening to anybody's canned speeches about religion. I'm so over it.

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