What is the inside info on "Reasoning From the Scriptures?"

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  • Crazyguy2

    The reasoning book stated the world was going to end by the end of the twentieth century or at least the end of the system of things. So there’s that not really a big deal unless your against false prophecies!

  • Finkelstein

    As for self evaluation or reasoning of what is written in the bible, there is specific controlled reasoning through the lens set by the cult leaders, in this case the WTS.

  • WTWizard

    It is all by design. The LIE-ble is set up so it can be interpreted in many different ways, and everyone is just so sure that theirs is the ONLY correct way. It also states that having the "wrong" interpretation of this cursed book is a mortal sin, preventing people from actually reasoning and seeing whether or not theirs is even correct. It also starts many arguments that have led to full blown wars (shooting wars, not verbal ones) regarding whether or not a doctrine is correct.

    If the whole book is one big fat lie, what difference does it make if something happened in 607 BCE or 587 when it is all one big lie? Or, the exact interpretation of the sermon on the mount when it is all full of lies intended to go against the Law of Nature? Or exactly what jesus' death means--when that thing never lived, let alone died? Or whether or not our "sins" are forgivable when the "sins" are really attempts to follow our own natural laws instead of some alien standards intended to degrade the whole human race and enslave us all?

    And the quran is exactly the same--intended to get people to believe theirs is the only correct way to interpret it, that the bible is wrong (yes it is, but so is the quran), and to make people afraid to cross-check their doctrines. This is another book based on the torah, which is also full of lies (and intended to force us all into Noahide Law). All three are bogus. All three belong in the rubbish.

  • EverApostate
    I understand why the Witnesses won't actually "reason" from the scriptures

    Even if they reason out from the 'scriptures', how would they (or anyone) reason out about...

    Stoning to death a man who picked stciks on the Sabbath

    Stoning a rebellious Son to death...

    Genocide for silly reasons.....

    Bible is a book written mostly by psychopaths and trying to reason out would make us one.

  • Vidiot

    Why is "Reasoning From the Scriptures" gathering dust now?"

    Because twenty-plus years into the Information Age, it's become pretty much impossible to "reason" the unreasonable.

  • Ding

    JWs don't seem to dialogue much these days.

    They just stand next to carts and refer people to the WT website.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Yes Vidiot, it's impossible to reason with people who are forbidden to engage their brain. To start thinking and applying a critical evaluation of texts sends people out of the organisation. The GB have learnt this and are now very suspicious of anything which smacks of an intelligent appraisal.

    My pet peeve is that JWs just look at the surface meaning in the light of the GB interpretation. They don't have a chance to learn that Bible texts are often from worldly sources, greatly modified and edited, and are the works of men of power compelling the powerless to conform.

    Reasoning, they have reasoned is out! So just close your mind and OBEY.

  • blondie

    Yes, Half banana, the most enlightening for me was to read the bible in context, not a scripture here and a scripture verse here, even just accepting the snippet of a scripture in an article.

    How many jws realize that the phrase, governing body, never occurs in the bible, not even in Acts 15. If you notice, the WTS never puts quotes around that phrase, but does use the phrase closely in conjunction with the scripture in Acts 15. Deceptive, eh?

  • Jazzbo

    From what I've seen most of the current crop of Witnesses seem to be simply incapable of engaging in an actual discussion. Then there's the fact that for quite a few years now many that did try to "Reason" with people ended up with their rear end in a satchel because people are now much more familiar with what they're going to say and what is wrong with it. Consequently, "Reasoning" with people has gone out of fashion.

  • iwantoutnow

    Also - "truth" changes SO OFTEN now - they cant keep reprinting them.

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