Theocratic Terms Explained.?

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  • core

    Remember the old issue in the Ministry School Guidebook re Theocratic Terms.

    Well can I ask for some one to help me with " Posting Terms Explained "

    I know I have had a sheltered life but what do those acronyms mean - BTW LOL BORG (I can guess that one but it could have a number if subtle differences) etc etc I think I can guess some of them but can anyone give some definition to all those odd little expressions used in posts here - which are fine if you know the meaning - but for boring old ***** like me I HAVENT GOT A CLUE? Too many wasted years in the WT to have picked up "post speak"

    I have worked out DUB (took me some time but then I was a faithful elder for years so you can't expect me to have any common sense)

    How about an alphabetic guide - Sort of the Insight Book only shorter ?

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    IMHO- In my honest opinion

    BTW - By the way

    LMAO - laughin my ass off

    Lol- Lots of love?

  • Elsewhere

    Refiner, the first time I saw "lol" I thought the same thing.

    LOL: Laugh out loud

  • Jourles

    BRB - Big Round Booty

    ...or most people term it - Be Right Back

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    You mean all those people I though were sending me their love were laughing at me?

  • Elsewhere

    'fraid so.

  • Ravyn

    **** or other symbols usually means it was editted out or substituted for words that SOME people find offensive(ie cursing and swear words).

    I still have not quite figured out when to use the **** and when to use the words themselves. "ass" seems acceptable here. as do "shit" and "bitch" but I have had "damn" editted out. who knows?

    Borg is the reference to the Star Trek term and its obvious similarities to the Org.

    Dubs, Dubbies, JWs, JDubs, etc are pretty self-explanatory. ROFL is roll on floor laughing and can be combined with LMAO.


  • Euphemism
    IMHO- In my honest opinion

    I've generally heard this one as "In my humble opinion."

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I would never describe my opinion as "humble".

  • Kenneson

    For a comprehensive list of all the different terms go to

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