What's the point?

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  • punkofnice

    Imagine a universe where a god doesn't exist.

    That's the one we're in.

    I once believed in a god but having given the matter serious thought, I can not see any evidence of a god. God is a man made fairy tale. Well, there are lots of gods, so I never know which one we are referring to.

    So. What's the point?

    What point do you want? We are as sure as shootin' going to die and leave this veil of tears and go nowhere. That's it. The end. Kaput.

    So, I'd say make each day count. Find beauty in each day cuz there's nothing after this is through.

  • Incognigo Montoya
    Incognigo Montoya

    For the record, I am agnostic, at least for the moment. Primarily because I just dont have the time, or feel an overwhelming need to dive into whether god exists or not. I am aware of arguments for both sides. I spent my youth, in fact the majority of my life, believing in a creator, only to have recently discovered that the religion I was raised in, is a sham.(as have you all, here) So now I question everything. At some point I will do my own research and come to my own conclusions. My initial question was somewhat a rhetorical one, though I was interested in everyone's thoughts. I just remember, even as a child, and a believer, pondering my initial question and subsequent thoughts; What is the point of god creating all of those galaxies, if there is no other life but ours? The probability that there is more life out there is problematic to Christianity.. it is a conundrum of sorts.

  • WTWizard

    It was supposed to be even bigger a lie than that, and eventually will be that way if we continue having too much political correctness and stupidity. The earth is, according to cat lick doctrine, shaped like a record album. Somehow (and don't ask), air and water cannot fall off the edge, nor can animals. Only humans can. The stars are portholes for joke-hova to watch us through, and the moon, the doorway through which souls enter "heaven". The planets are mobile portholes that can change positions as joke-hova needs. All this is at the center of the universe, and this rules out planets around other stars (which are just portholes).

    Of course, this is all fake. But, if people are too afraid of offending anyone (such as those who create such rubbish) and so stupid as to not question anything, we will be right back to this explanation. All the proof that the earth is shaped like a globe (astronauts, satellites, people having flown all the way around the world, etc.) will be right out the window under threat of having your head chopped off. The above lie will be enforced as part of Noahide Law, and we will have no choice but to believe and teach it or get your head chopped off.

    As for me, that is enough to believe that every single scientific-style statement in that bible is a complete lie.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara
  • apostatethunder

    How exactly would the existence of aliens change the realization that the planet is being ruled by scumbags that would do literally ANYTHING to keep ruling it, including dressing up like aliens?


  • Bobcat

    Have you ever considered the possibility that we are the first to begin inhabiting the material universe? Assuming that it is God's intention to fill the universe with human inhabitants, and that the universe would be inhabited from a starting point and expanded from there, (admittedly, all assumptions), then, someone would have to be the first planet of inhabitants.

    And, logically, (again, assuming the Creator keeps to Himself His long range plans), it could be expected that some on that first planet might wonder what all the rest of the universe was for. It might also be logical, considering that humans are capable of rebelling, to have the rebellion happen while there was still just one planet of us. Settle those problems there, then proceed to expand to other planets.

    So, in a sense, your statement that if other planets were inhabited, that this would raise problems with the concept of Christianity would essentially be correct. And in line with that, the problems are being solved at the correct time - when there is still only one planet of humans.

    There might be a hint in the Bible that this is God's purpose. In Gen 15:5 and 22:17 God promises Abraham that his offspring would be as numerous as the stars and the sand. Gal 4:29 says that it is those having faith in Christ who become Abraham's offspring

    So, one might think God was exaggerating a bit with Abraham. But if you take God at His word, His promise to Abraham would, eventually, require expansion beyond planet earth.

    Sorry if this idea has already been mentioned.

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