What do you make of this recent article regarding the United Nations stance towards overriding religions of the world on certain matters?

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  • devout_no_more

    First of all, this is my first post here on the forums even though I have been registered now for some time. I have been faded from the Jehovah's Witness religion for many years now, but only recently within the past year or so gotten quite serious about it - Crisis of Conscience by Ramond Franz really kicked things off for me personally.

    Anyway, my wife, parents, step-sister and her husband and my half-brother are all still active JW's, so I am still exposed to them, and this is also the reason why I'm still "faded". Frankly I'd probably just as soon disassociate myself without the threat of being shunned. However, until then...I suppose I'll be exposed to certain amounts of it.

    A well meaning friend recently pointed out this article (or one like it) to me: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/mar/10/united-nations-is-coming-for-your-religion/ and it made me wonder about the JW stance on the United Nations being the "Wild Beast" of Revelation and how they've long preached that someday the United Nations would destroy the religions of the earth, before the "Great Tribulation".

    I'm looking for other views on this aside from what's going on inside my own mind. All I can say is that the indoctrination is strong - I was baptized originally in 1988, so over 30 years ago. During that time I was a "regular pioneer" and a "ministerial servant". I've been raised around it since I was about 5-years-old. So my indoctrinated brain sees things like this and can't help but wonder.

    Hopefully what I write and how I'm trying to ask this question makes enough sense - I work 12-hour-shifts at a hospital and therefore there has been no "shelter in place" for me. I'm feeling pretty tired at the moment. Thanks!

  • Vanderhoven7


    Great introductory post. Thanks for sharing where you are at the moment.

    Let me be first to welcome you to the forum and wish you God's best for your future.

    This is a great place to continue shedding some of that infernal Watchtower indoctrination.


  • smiddy3


    Welcome to the forum .

    Firstly I think the UN is really just a paper tiger that nations use to either support or veto any proposal that is put forth according to their own agenda.

    Secondly This article is just one persons opinion and interpretation of what the intentions of the UN would like to see happen but there is no way on earth they could enforce any of what she suggests.

    But that`s just my opinion.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    What you can learn from the article:

    1. The UN have a special rapporteur on religious freedom. Why? Because the UN is defending religious freedoms as it is defending other humans rights. Aiming to defend religious freedom is hardly the same as attacking all religions, is it?
      Fun fact: many times the UN has condemned violence against religious minorities, unfair legal restriction on religious freedom, etc. Recently they done so on behalf of JW in Russia. The UN defends freedom of religion, and doesn't attack it.

    2. The UN's special rapporteur on religious freedom stated that violent extremism should not be tolerated, not even when the extremists claim it's their religious right to kill those they don't like.
      If stating the obvious - killing people because they don't believe what you believe - is seen as an attack on freedom of religion, the people who think that should perhaps re-calibrate their moral compass.
      He also stated that legal discrimination should be undone, even if the apparent ground for this discrimination are claimed to be religious beliefs.

    3. The person who wrote this Washington Post article is a donkey, and so are the editors over there.
      They're all concerned about someone saying their right to discriminate isn't absolute. And the donkey fails to realize that his views are only made possible because 1) he enjoys the religious freedom he wants to deny others and 2) he is part of the majority religion where he lives.
      Imagine this person lived in Sharia country; would he still argue that his government has every right to embed in the legal system all things Islam? That punishing him for not going to Friday prayer makes sense?
      I can't believe how short-sighted this donkey is.

    4. The JW who share this story are donkeys too, because they fail to see that the UN is talking on their behalf too. JW are a minority religion, persecuted in some countries. If the words of the UN rapporteur were followed everywhere, JW would not be persecuted anymore, and would enjoy more freedom.
      The UN actually does the opposite of what JW claim they (will) do.

    Anyway, long story short: the UN condemns violence and discrimination against all, including against the religious. And they say violence and discrimination is still wrong, even when claimed to be based on religious beliefs.

    Does that even sound close to an attack on religion?

  • JoenB75
    Revelation does not talk about chips in people but a chip in us all is very likely. It is simple futurist speculation. The same goes with beliefs considered divisive and a threath to public order. Currently the tactic is to sell these regulations by appealing to feelings but it could get more forceful. A ban on religion is not around the corner. Muslims would go bananas and they dont turn the other cheek
  • smiddy3

    I think their are about 1.8 Billion Muslims in the world ,and around 1.2 Billion Catholics and probably a similar number of Protestants and that doesn`t include all of the other religions scattered throughout the earth.

    The UN is not and never has been or ever will be a world power .

    Their is even talk it should be disbanded because it is in some ways so ineffective ?

    And as AA points out its in favor of religious freedoms for all .

  • BoogerMan

    Welcome DNM.

    Never mind the U.N., I can see economically starved governments (after Covid 19 has subsided) looking at tax-free religions and deciding that since all of society is having to bear their share of the financial burdens incurred, religions should too! It would only be fair, and most people wouldnt disagree I think.

  • Italiancalipso

    Thx to open this post and thx AA for the detailed comment! I also read that document and I questioned myself about it. A feeling that I personally had is that the GB, as other religious leaders, were somehow connected with the secret agenda of the lobby of this world so they could anticipate some stuffs as they already know the plan behind.

    But then I asked myself, how is possibly to predict so much wrong date?!🤣

    Anyway agree with AA, so far UN was much more to their side than against!


  • Vanderhoven7

    Examine the record. The Watchtower has been 100% wrong interpreting biblical prophecy. Why should that change. Just more nonsensical, baseless prophetic speculation.

  • DesirousOfChange

    IF the WT would happen by chance to guess it right on one date of their predictions, they would still be like the broken clock -- wrong 11 times for every time they are coincidentally right.

    Well to our group of "mentally diseased" apostates.

    I've been doing the JW thing since childhood and got dunked as an infant (almost) in the mid-60's. I very well remember their first prophetic date that affected me. (There were plenty of more prior to that one.) It was the 1966 revelation of the 6,000 year chronology that "strongly indicated" that 1975 would be the conclusion of 6,000 years of man's creation. YES! It meant Armageddon was imminent!

    It was followed up by the Awake! magazine article in the May 22, 1969 issue (things were really getting "close" now) stating that youth in from high school would not have sufficient time in this system of things to complete a college education. YES! YES! The End(™) must be very, very close! "STAY ALIVE 'TIL '75!"

    Guess what? None of what they predicted (prophesied?) ever happened! 1975 came and went. (Of course sitting in line for gasoline at the exorbitant price of 75¢ per US gallon made it seem like the "end of the world" was coming as did driving only 55 mph and 18% interest on a mortgage.) Still, ZIP! NOTHING!

    BTW -- nothing of what they predicted about 1914, 1925, 1940's, or "before the end of the 20th Century", ever happened either! So far, the broken clock has a much greater success rate than the WTS/GB!


    Since I suspect you are younger than I am upon awakening to TTATT, my first suggestion would be to PLAN NOW for the remaining future you have. Not only could I have finished college, I am retirement age and have finished one career. Fortunately, I am not like many older JW's that have attained this age but are broke and without a decent pension or savings. PLAN AHEAD FOR YOUR FUTURE! You will not see the Panda Petting Paradise that you have been promised. Quit holding on to false prophecy.

    Also, be "easy" on your family that is still in. You won't awaken them by dumping everything you have learned regarding TTATT on them all at once. It is a gradual process, as you no doubt discovered yourself. Drop little hints. Ask "disturbing" questions. Force them to investigate the "Truth".

    Good luck! Glad you're here!

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