Your Ideal Partner...

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  • run dont walk
    run dont walk
    your ideal partner

    someone who is NOT a JW, height doesn't matter, mindset does.

    Which is what I found.

  • Francois

    OH ORBITING, it's, it's, it's, it's over, over before it ev....

    So soon it is we're done for,
    What where we begun for?


    O My God!

    I'd have to be 6' 3.5"

    Do you think you could do with something in a slightly older, slightly shorter guy? Perhaps the difference in skin color would make up for not making the grade on the height thing. What do you think my heart? After all, I'm a poet. I could make the night resonate with protestations of my unending, unbending love. Deep in the night the neighbors would be throwing their shoes in our direction as I played classical acoustic guitar by moonlight and spun verse and rhyme into your eyes. (Am I getting anywhere with this at all?)


  • TresHappy

    I just received the results back from the lab and this is my ideal partner:

  • Elsewhere
    pish, like we're not perfect enough already!!! ;)

    Yup... and double the pleasure!

    I think I could handle the two of ya!

  • tinkerbell82

    oh elsewhere is up for a challenge, i see!!

  • Elsewhere

    Uhhh... yeah... I think. [ Gulp ]

  • WhyNow2000

    Anytime there is an orgasmic experience….that’s the perfect fit.

  • tinkerbell82

    LOL @ elsewhere. you always manage to include nice visuals!

  • Elsewhere

    That's cause I'm a funny guy... and I could take the two of ya any day.

  • tinkerbell82

    son, you could scarcely handle me alone! and since i'm just a tiny thing compared to robiting, no WAY you could handle us both! :P ;)

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