JWTV May Broadcast is up. hosted by an old burnt hot dog

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  • steve2

    Isn't this a good example of how a dream lifestyle for parents may be a nightmare for their children, regardless of religious affiliations?

    Unfortunately, that's childhood for you.

    What turns Mom and Dad on is a turn-off for the kids and vice versa - although children generally have to "play their cards right" because they are under their parents' supervision. Not a good idea to tell your JW parents that you want to further your education to become a journalist, as I found out a gazillion years ago. I'd have done anything to have travelled beyond my stifling local congregation.

    Sounds like an interesting - and survivable! - variation on raising kids.

  • Crazyguy
    They want to be like Jehovah he took his children the promise land filled with milk and honey. A high desert better known as Judea where much of nothing grows and they had to ranch animals and sell them for other foods to eat. Not much water either.

    Serve where the need is greater = Parents who are sad, trying to please the cult, while the children are forced to follow.

    JWs are a joke when compared to "false religious" missionaries. I mean, PUUUHHHHLLLEEEASE!!!!! You go to where "the need is greater", but only in English?!?!??? YOU SUCK.

    I have family who went to South America. Their kid hated it. It was a god forsaken shit hole of a town. Not even other South Americans wants to be there. They didn't even make it two years. At least they are now considered "Bible Heroes" by sycophants.

    Its all about spiritual "street cred."


  • Dreamerdude
    DD, did that family get to give their faith-strengthening experience on the KH stage, or maybe at an assembly? With some embellishment it could be spun into an incredible story.
  • TheOldHippie

    " It was a god forsaken shit hole of a town."

    Yes, the world outside of the US borders is a terrible place - how happy I am for you that you have the wonderful, safe, abundant, clean Great Trump USA in which to live.

  • fulano
    I think raising your kids in NY is worse for them than raising them in an average South-american town. I am not talking about SAN Salvador, but there are nice and peaceful places. At the same time they learn other languages and get to know other cultures which is an advantage for the rest of their life.
  • DesirousOfChange

    "Need greaters" (at least those from the USA) are usually looking for a place to live cheaply because they can't afford what it costs to live in the USA. They hear that if they move to Mexico, or Costa Rica, or Nicaragua that they can live like a king on their minimal pension or savings (especially if they can continue to "work" from their remote location using the internet).

    Or, I know of a few who return to the US to work for 3-4 months (usually for some generous, successful brother), all the while "gleaning" off of the local JDubs in the surrounding Congs by "sharing" their encouraging experiences.

    It can be a fun and exciting life for a young person or couple, and an "easy" way of life for those who play it right and don't have health issues that require good medical care. It also gives them a "movie star" status with the locals for the time they are visiting back home.


  • fulano

    Yes, we had loads of americans, canadians, swedish, and other europeans. I sometimes wished I was them, choosing your own assignment, have a lot of friends (for one reason or another most of them didn't like to be friends with missionaries).

    They served mostly in the nice beachtowns...I would have done the same of course in stead of the noisy, busy capital.

  • Dreamerdude
  • Dreamerdude

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