Stagnation of JWs in Britain

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  • slimboyfat

    Thanks Earnest, yes I think I remember that special pioneers had even higher hours at some point - 160 hours?

  • Earnest

    slimboyfat : I used to love poring over the figures in the KM in the late 1990s. I lost interest in going on the ministry around the time they stopped publishing the detailed monthly figures.

    Interesting observation. I wonder how true this is of others. I can remember back in the 1960's every congregation would have a display of their monthly figures, and it would clearly be an incentive if these figures were below the national average. The pioneer figures were not included in this congregational summary.

  • freddo

    I just remember that as a kid in the UK, Earnest.

    The latest OD book almost gives a green light to count what you like. I mean with trolleys and incidental and "on-line" (whether admitted or not) you can count virtually anything.

    I reckon Fisherman counts his time on here!

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