was Darwin an atheist?

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Evolution does not equate to atheism. Evolution only disproves a literal interpretation of the Genesis account.

    I think the word agnostic is useless because it does not really distinguish anyone as being different from anyone. Everyone is agnostic. No one knows that a God exists. Everyone is without knowledge - agnostic - of God's existence. The difference between atheists and theists is about belief - not knowledge. Theists believe a god exists. Atheists lack belief in a god. But both atheist and theists lack knowledge of God's existence - they're both agnostic, if theists are honest with themselves. So the word agnostic applies to everyone in the set of humans so it is pretty much a useless, superfluous word, being misused for political window dressing.

  • slimboyfat
    I thought I'd clarify my status here and now. For the benefit of scholars in a hundred years time debating the religious views of slimboyfat.
  • juandefiero
    Christians and Atheists have something in common. Christians are atheists to Zeus, Thor, Odin, Osiris, Ra and Molech. Atheists don't believe in those god's either...they just believe in one less god than Christians.

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