Looking back today, What is your biggest "disappointment" about being a JW?

by run dont walk 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • Swan

    That the love my family had for me wasn't love at all. They didn't love me; they only loved me as a JW.


  • JT

    realizing that the Core Dogma is a Lie-- WE SPEAK FOR GOD /aka- FDS-

    it reminds me of the scene in the Wizard of Oz when Toto the dog revealed the ALL Powerful Oz was bogus

  • JT

    what is most interesting is did you notice the DATES YES FROM AS far back as the 60's the wt had talked Sh!t about higher education and it has always been in the CONTEXT OF

    if you love god and are a mature youth you will make the wise choice WINK WINK

    so NO THEY NEVER SAID --don't go to college or you will be DFed,--

    instead they merely tied raw meat to your legs and threw you in a shark infested tank


  • ikhandi

    Lets see finding out the Truth really wasn't the Truth. Its too bad it took my departure to realize that. That is really the only regret I have. I wish all the good friends I left behind would come to that realization.

  • sunshineToo

    Being baptized as a jw. I was told that would make everything much better, and I believed it. I was naive what can I say.

  • Swickley

    That I brought this cancer into my family, that it destroyed and separated my family, and broke my parents' hearts. Once you contract the cultist cancer, it lives on and on and the grief associated with it is unfathomable. But it was "me" that opened the door and let them in, so it's all my fault ... and the nightmare never ends.

  • wannaexit

    The wasted years that I cannot get back.

  • Swickley

    Hey Rem, it's never too late to get that education so don't rule it out. I finally entered undergrad at the tender young age of 46, and law school 4 yrs later. Go for it, and don't let anyone or any negative thoughts hold you back.

    All the best


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