Ever been conned by smallprint? Dixons/Currys Coverplan

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  • Simon

    If the replacement they are insisting on doesn't have all the feautes then don't accept it. Insist that whatever missing featue that was on your old one and is also on the new (dearer) one was what you most needed and bought the item for.

    If you stand in the shop and talk firmly but loudly (Sat morning is a good time) it often encourages them to sort things out properly

  • Abaddon


    If you give me the exact model names of both printers I'll have one of the techie guys here go over their specs and see if there's enough rope to hang the bastards with. If they don't, then they are in breach of contract, Tarding Standards, Small Claims Court, etc.

    Oh, and give me the exact wording of the bit where it talls about the 'same specification' in the cover document.

  • Brummie

    Abbadon, the original was Lexmark 73, the replacement is a lexmark 75 (costs £58).

    Thanks matey, I'll go through the specs too, I do think it covers the same specs, this is half the argument though, see what your mate says though.


  • qwerty


    The Sales staff are on commission for selling the extra cover. They will tell you half truths just so you will buy the warranty. I bought a Laptop from PCWorld about 16 months ago, the sale staff said if the Laptop goes wrong and it can not be replaced, it would be swapped for the latest model with the equivalent price. The stinkin Laptop is at the repair shop as we speak, for the 5th time since I bought it.

    The first problem was Window XP home kept going blue screen (too often). The second time it overheated and burned out the motherboard and processor, which was replaced. On return I was still having over heating probs, it went away again. The "repair" report came back with no problem found! I consequently had to order a cooler pad for it from the States (see http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/47294/1.ashx) This did the job for a while until a couple of months ago it would turn it's self off, yep, when it got hot again! Not to mention the screen would go blank till you tilted it at the right angle. I arranged through Coverplan to have it repaired once again. I got it back 2 weeks ago, it booted up fine the first time. The second boot, I could only get it to stop on in safe mode. Like I said earlier it's being looked at once again. They called to tell me that it's having a new main-board and new RAM and have ignored my diagnostics that I think the hard drive is fault too.

    Time will tell if it works OK this time it is returned!


    Of the patience like a saint class selling a Laptop class!....................Anyone interested? No, No there's nothing wrong with it, ask PCworld!

  • Abaddon

    I can't find any major difference apart from the 75 having slightly BETTER quoted print speeds than the 73 (11ppm colour instead of 9 and 6ppm black instead of 5).

    From the product shots it looks like the 73 has a paper tray whilst the 75 is a gravity feed. Is this so? If so, you've got them, as a print tray and a gravity feed are different specifications (although it would be better if scanning resolution of the 75 was worse or something). You can complain that the gravity feed means that you can't do long uninterupted print jobs (the ray had a 100 sheet capacity), and is not fit for your purpose, nor would you have selected that as a feature on a new product.

    What you've got is a case of buying one product as the market exploded and prices headed down. Happened with scanners way back, MFD's like these Lexmarks were rather pricey two years ago but have had their prices progressively collapse as volumes and economies of scale hit in. You buy a product for 200, six months later the products that cost 150 have the same spec or better.

    If means you have a cheaper printer, which might have a few corners cut here to save costs, but probably does work as well as the more expensive one.

    Best of luck.

  • Brummie

    Thanks Abaddon, that is very helpful, I'll make the most of the info you have provided. I collected the machine today but its still boxed, havent had chance to look at it yet.

    Thanks again everyone.


  • ninecharger

    Numerous times.

    I want to kick myself for not reading more carefully. At least these people give you the chance to find out what you are agreeing to before an irrevocable comittment.

    WBTS does't tell you anything much before it is too late to avoid losing your family and friends.

    I read everything very carefully now and yess, the extended warranty arrangement on a credit card is worth using.


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