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  • James Jack
    James Jack

    As a former Elder, I had to stop the program(DVR), to explain in detail to my wife the mindset of an Elder and that this stuff happens. You have a group of men with just high school diplomas and not trained to deal with this. They go into default mode, "protect the Congregation, keep Jehovah's name safe, trust the Faithful Slave class". Thus the continuation of a problem they can't solve on their own. If a protestor shows up, "call the Police". A Publisher molests a child, "lets handle this internally".

  • Kathy1978

    Sick to my stomach after watching the 2nd episode. They will never change and that’s the sad and frustrating part about it. Because the uber dubs will continue to burry their heads in the sand on this, call it apostate lies and leave it in “Jehovah’s” hands. Why the hell is “Jehovah” letting it happen in “his/it’s” organization in the first place?? It’s so overly maddening...I’m so pissed. 😡😡

  • Finkelstein

    Just to signify just how corrupt the JWS religion is in protecting its public image, one of their top GB leaders (A. Morris ) said recently quote " We didn't know child sexual abuse was illegal "

    So whose telling lies about the matter, certain JWS apostates or the GB leaders of the JWS ?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    They just had a special video at midweek where dad turned off the tv. So a lot are not watching

  • StephaneLaliberte

    First, this is a very well done documentary and I’m very happy it was made. I was personally shocked by some of its content too.

    That being said, I would’ve like the documentary to start with something like this:

    Jehovah’s Witnesses are good people who abhors pedophiles. Unfortunately, most of them are unaware that classified policies put in place by their leaders actually puts their children at risks while protecting pedophiles. This documentary will explore the content of these policies and how they have impacted several thousand people.

    I know they expressed this during the documentary, however, I wish that they had made it clear at the beginning so as to get the attention of the moderate JWs. When you start something by “JWs are doing this and that”, they all take it personal and switch the channel. If you name specific policies, they’re first thought will be: it is this policy that is under attack, not my religion/belief itself.

  • Finkelstein

    Brainwashing takes control over people as a means to block information that counters the preconceived notion that we aren't the most righteous of people .

    We are Jehovah's earthly arrangement his chosen ones.

    His holy spirit extends to us alone, to the GB men right down to all the elders .

    .......yes we are !

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    The Watchtower explains why the Secular Authorities have turned on them.

    w62 11/15 p. 693

    9 Worldly authorities render a judgment and punish persons, whether they are inside the congregation or outside, if they violate the laws of decency and good order. The violators have no right to complain at such punishment, as Paul showed by his words before Caesar’s judgment seat. (Acts 25:11) Hence the Christian congregation cannot protect any of its members if they steal, smuggle, commit bigamy, murder, libel, defraud, and so forth. The congregation must release such guilty members to punishment by worldly authorities. Since the guilty break the laws of the land and thus oppose the “authority,” they are taking a stand against God’s arrangement.

    10 The Christian congregation has no orders from God and has no right to protect such opposers and lawbreakers from the due punishment by the “authority” of the land. We cannot hinder, oppose or condemn the execution of the krima or judgment by aiding or shielding lawbreakers. To do so would put the Christian congregation also in opposition to God’s arrangement. Besides letting the krima or “judgment” take its course upon offending members who bring reproach upon God’s people, the congregation may disfellowship such lawbreakers. The congregation does not want to deserve a krima or “judgment” with the lawbreakers by siding or cooperating with them and opposing the worldly “authority.” It also wants no reproach.

  • JadedJW20

    Just finished watching this and was disgusted by the GB and how they skirt the issue. I was on here many years ago (under a different ID), still in but mentally out. Thank you for this forum and I’m happy to be back!

  • JimmyYoung

    Its a great documentary. Its not one bit biased and just tells the facts. The JWs are so brain dead they will cover their ears and go lalalalalala to not hear it but facts non the less.

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