Bucket List for the years A.C.

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  • Phizzy

    What things, modest and attainable, will be on your Bucket List to do After Covid ? preferably Post things you would NOT be allowed to do if you were still a JW!

    I will start, I want to go to an actual Horse Race, and have a small flutter on each Race.

  • phoenixrising

    I used to go to the horse races all the time and bet 2 bucks here and there. I don't know that JWs can not go to horse races. And I heard but don't have any solid reference that JWs changed the gambling to never to only if its only for entertainment. Not sure where that really is. It is fun watching them bring in the horses and then run them though.

  • Phizzy

    I think that going to a Horse race and betting would be frowned upon at least, and I would not have done it as a J.W in my day for that reason, whether the Elders in most Congregations would actually view it as serious I don't know these days, I know my Elders back in the day would just have laughed, they were a laid back lot, not typical at all.

  • Dmitry

    I've been playing poker for a long time.

    I use the services of prostitutes)

    I really want to do sкy gliding in the near future.

    All this was forbidden.

  • Fadeaway1962

    Be a blood donor

    Already on the organ donor list , if they can use my brain after 50+ years a JW as it's not been used that much 😁

  • LongHairGal


    I intend to vote.

    It is something I haven’t done since before I became a JW.. I’m Out so long and there’s no excuse not to.

  • Phizzy

    I am already a Blood Donor, have done so from right after I left, I Vote, though at present in the U.K there is not a Party I would Vote for, I am a Democratic Socialist, and I smoke, small double filter cigarillos. I will try to give up after this Pandemic is over.

    So, a Horse race it is,.... so far. I may think of something else, frowned upon , if not even actually forbidden, that I will add later.

    Any ideas for me ? I do find it amusing to do such things, and sort of Cathartic, to exercise my new freedom more fully.

  • smiddy3

    Things that I didn`t do as a JW ,but now have no problem doing and have no guilt trips about it.

    1. Playing the pokies now and again.

    2.Buying scratchies from the newsagents where you can win money.

    3.Buying Lottery tickets and only last night won more than $800 for a $57 outlay ,not that it happens often but when it does WHOOPEE.

    4.When I go to one of my local clubs I often play Keno and have had many a win and many a loss for a small outlay.

    The losses are over a long period of time wheras the wins are immediate .The biggest win I ever had was $13600 in one go whereas the losses for a typical week could be $ 50-100 .

    And there are usually smaller amounts won over those periods .

    5.At one club we have a "Punters Club" where you pick a winner for every race at one course on a saturday ,I usually choose 3 tickets and put my wife in for 3 tickets which are $2 each ,so that costs me $12 for a Saturday .

    There are usually 60-70 participants between $120-$140 winner takes all .3 points for a win 2 points for second and 1 point for third ,whoever has the most points takes the money.

    Its an interest and can give you beer money for the rest of the week.

  • Biahi

    When I left, I registered to vote right away, I never miss an election. Holidays and birthdays, yes. I just tried to live like a normal person. Oh, and premarital sex with my husband of 31 years lol. Sometimes buy lottery tickets.

    Funny, when I left I felt a huge weight lifted off of me.

  • truth_b_known

    I want to travel abroad to India, Vietnam, China, and Japan. I want to visit Buddhist temples and meditate under the bodhi tree.

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