The "loving" elders

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  • Maverick

    You sure have "read" the elders correctly. It amazes me how stupid these guys are. They rat themselves out and don't even see it. When they mentioned the CO, they gave it up as to their real motive. I guess they think you're stupid too! Blondie is right about not giving you the publisher records. You could offer to hand it to the Elders in your new Hall, if you tell the local elders to seal it up in an envelope and promise not to open it. They might do it if they are lazy enough. I have found that most of the elders are loaded down with all kinds of busy work and will grab at anything that lightens their load. Time the request right after the CO's inspection. (Remember he is just a corporate inspector general and is only there to look after the Societys interests!) Have fun with these dopes. They are not the professionals they've been told they are. Maverick

  • acsot

    Just got around to reading some of the responses.

    Cathy: what a kind idea. I can PM you my work address, I don't want to give it out in a public forum.


    For instance, if you told them your mother was seen smoking a cigarrette they wouldnt waste another minute in getting on her case, they would be standing in line to "help" her.

    Are you ever right about that!! At least my mother is getting to see what those horrible "wordly" people are really like: she has home care workers in for several hours a week and they've been great. Also, she has started going to a Senior's Day Center where they do physiotherapy, music therapy, crafts, etc. After arriving back home on her first day at the Center the first words out of her mouth were: "It was wonderful, I can't wait to go back!" (hehehe)

    Maverick: I think I'll try asking them for the publisher's card - can't hurt!

    They are not the professionals they've been told they are.
    Sad, isn't it. If they put the same amount of time and effort into a career or real philanthropic endeavorrs they could accomplish so much - now they're just trying to be big fish in a small, dirty pond.
  • stillajwexelder

    Well, you can keep your card here for now.” (I’ve been handing in fake time reports for a year! I love helping to distort their precious annual report.)

    Brilliant -- I have never thought of it that way -- I will continue as a witness a carry on putting false reports in -- as was also well said -- I am using theocratic warfare strategy --not telling lies -- wonderful

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Well done, (((Ascot!))) Tho I'm sorry to hear about your Mom's condition, it's a blessing that her memory lapses have provided a way to avoid the "spoof"....

    You are one brave and strong person....just don't hold yer breath about them actually making visits....I've heard that song 'n dance before....with no result...

    Frannie B

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