its saturday morning and its pouring down rain...

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  • pontoon

    Now it's Sunday morning. Had a great concert last night with great friends. Doobie Brothers, still sounding like the Doobie Brothers after 50 years and Chicago put on fabulous show. 4 hours almost solid music. Home at 2 AM. Will enjoy a nice easy day home, taking weekends back from the Watchtower corporation is one of the best things about walking away from the (not) truth.

  • longgone

    Oh here's a good one. During the circuit overseers final talk on Sunday, he said that going in FS even though they are so many not-at-homes was still important.

    That way the group could "encourage one another" and of course the ever present Jehoover would be pleased.

    Yes, it's soo encouraging to be have three people packed in the back seat while driving in circles for two and a half hours. (Deduct that 30 minute doughnut break unless you leave a tract in the restroom.)😄

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