I was impressed by part of today's symposium entitled ' Safeguard your children from what is evil'

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  • UnshackleTheChains

    Well I have to give credit where credit is due.

    It was the part of today's symposium - Build a house that will endure. The part I was most impressed with was 'Safeguard your children from "what is evil"

    The brother giving the talk didnt mince his words either. He delivered his talk really well by getting the message over to parents to be wary of potential dangers of their children being preyed upon by predators. I can honestly say I applaud Watchtower for making this point and stressing the dangers. It's about time too.

    I have no doubt that the pressure put upon the Watchtower organisation in light of the Australian royal commission, the UK charity commission and the numerous court cases regarding the issue of child abuse has had a very big impact. Hopefully, Watchtower will review it's safeguarding policy to ensure they are meeting the standard requirements and at a satisfactory level.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    The problem with their approach is that they put the onus squarely on the parents to safeguard their kids, effectively disavowing any responsibility of the so-called shepherds to be vigilant and aggressively pursue any allegation .

    The parents, of course, aren't privy to what the elders know about anyone in the congregation with a prior history of child molestation, nor are the elders ordered to be proactive in protecting their flock, including reporting any credible allegation to the police for investigation.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    Actually, under the new policy that came out in August of last year, while there won't be a public announcement following approval by the Branch's service department, the elders will privately communicate with parents of minor children to inform them that there is a person who has been accused or convicted of child molestation. If it is only an accusation or if someone has been acquitted of child abuse they actually have to be very careful because they could be sued over slander.

  • millie210

    To be able to give a stirring talk after the world has forced you in to it is better than nothing.

    I guess.


    Safeguard your children from what is evil'


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  • Vidiot


    Ten bucks says that if/when the piece were reviewed, one would nevertheless find virtually zero suggestion that the biggest child abuse-related threats in the Watchtower Organization might be internal (as opposed to "stranger danger" or whatever).

    So, big fucking deal.

  • ttdtt

    How about that the threat can come from INSIDE the congregation - because Elders so SHIT to prevent it!

  • jp1692

    Are the elders now designated mandatory reporters of all suspected instances of child abuse, even when there is only one witness: the victim?

    I doubt it. And if not, then much work remains.

    Personally, I suspect talks like this are just window-dressing.

  • Magnum

    I am seeing more and more that the org is more reactive than proactive. A lot of times, when there's some change, important article, etc., it's because the org is reacting to something that affects it.

    Most JWs will think "how loving that Jehovah's organization is so concerned about evil predators getting our children." What those JWs won't know is that the reason the info is in the talk is that the org has been and is being sued in connection with child molestation issues and that many of the molesters are in the congregations of JWs.

    And, if the org was really concerned about young ones, it wouldn't brainwash them into thinking the end of the whole frickin world is imminent and take their lives from them like it did mine.

  • Chook

    The only honest course is to offer reinstatement to those DF or DA'd when that happens I will believe their motives, there is more chance of me getting an invitation to the board of Warwick .

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