We deserve to die

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  • elfgoblin

    At the meeting today, we were reading the Watchtower and this elder apologetically said to such a degree in regards to Romans 5:12 that "we humans are not worthy of any mercy from Jehovah. We shouldn't even have free will because we can't possibly do anything good enough to please Jehovah. We don't even deserve life because of sin. We deserve to die. So we should be thankful to have the privilege of bringing praise to our God as he has been too generous in our behalf."

    This made me have a powerful cringe and I tried not to let people see my face. What was even worse was one lady in the auditorium started clapping. It made me wonder how many ex Jehovah's witness' actually used to believe that people don't even warrant fairness from God? Even when me and my friend were in, we never felt that humans were just so bad that they deserved to be treated like slaves but we did believe that mankind should follow God's law. It is so daunting to think that some witnesses feel that way and that means they must have an incredible inferiority complex on behalf of this religion and I believe this can be dangerous but I'm not sure why.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I have heard comments like that myself and it has always bothered me also. It has always seemed like God set us up to fail. I remember thinking that even as a kid being raised in the JW faith. But on the other hand since leaving the JW's I have made friends with people who are extremely religious and unfortunately they also feel the same way. I have had to back away from those people also.

    In all honestly why would God do this to us if he was a God of love. He has the power to stop all the suffering of all people on this planet My heart breaks even for animals that suffer, even though I would love to adopt a kitten or if we could have a dog a puppy but I always adopted older shelter pets instead, because my heart breaks for them.

    I mean if, I as a human who is supposed to be created in God's image feel like this why would a God of love treat his children the way so many on this earth are forced to live, I agree with you that it is dangerous.


  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    Yeah stuff like that definitely messed me up later in life.

    "You're not good enough. You're constantly sinning, constantly failing. You don't deserve to live. You're a giant piece of sinning shit. You're gonna die unless god decides to do you a huge favor."

    but then.......

    "God is love."

    "God's people are the happiest on Earth"


    We deserve to die..

    Every WatchTard who has peddled that WBT$ Crap..

    Has eventually died.....Bad Luck?..


    A CURSE?..
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  • WTWizard

    This is blatant preparation for total enslavement. Besides putting a curse on the whole world by imposing this situation on the flock (and, believe me, this psychic energy is gathered and used to put a curse on the whole human race), anyone that falls into it will not fight back when threatened. What happens when (not if, when--and the OsamaCare crap has language buried in it with an end of 2017 date on it) we all get microchipped? Will they fight the microchips? Or, will they go along with it, since it will end all free will?

  • Finkelstein

    Propagating fear, guilt, shame and superstition is what the WTS been doing for over 140 years an this religious publishing house and has sold millions of pieces of literature in the process, it what sustains the organization and its operations.

    Its really a fear mongering apocalyptic publishing house that exploits people's insecurities and ignorance to support itself.

  • zeb

    ...and hm among the jw when denied education thereby a broader mind have only ever one shit job after another having so few actual marketable skills that they are so crushed so dependedant on the utterances /dogma of the gb and its penultimate bullying that they fall foul of the F.O.G. the fear obligation and guilt that they then turn on those nearest them.

    Is this the petri dish that spawns the marital bullying and the abuse of children?

  • anointed1

    While expounding the meaning of the expression God created man in His image, Ecclesiasticus 15:15 says “If you choose to do good, you can” and you are “able to perform acceptable faithfulness.”

    This shows OT prophets had totally different concepts which are in direct conflict with NT teachings. This explains why such books were excluded from Canon.

  • tepidpoultry

    This teaching permeates Christendom

    Based on scriptures like Roman's 5:12

    This rationale leads to practices such a as self-flagellation

    That monks perform in monasteries over the centuries

    "Take that you worthless piece of crap!"

    It's this same sick rationale that abusers use to keep their victims in


    Believers don't seem to get that the original template originates with

    the God of the Bible

    Works wonders in building self esteem (sarcasm)


  • anointed1
    I agree with you tepidpoultry

    When people are repeatedly told Romans 5:12 they mistake it as truth, and begin to believe that ‘we are sinners, we have a limit …’ hence they do not even feel that change is possible. James Belasco and Ralph Stayer wrote in their 1994 book Flight of the Buffalo: “Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have – and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.”

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