The popularity fad of home-schooling!

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  • stuckinarut2

    I know this has been discussed over the years on this forum, but I just had to post this again!

    It seems that the popular fad amongst the "spiritual" ones in the local circuits is to home school their children instead of sending them to school.

    Now to clarify, we are in a very nice area of semi rural Australia . One with very community minded, and strong family values. Not an area known for delinquent children or families. I mean, graffiti doesn't even appear anywhere!

    From one congregation alone, there is now 4 families who home school! And this is even from the age of 5 onwards!

    So these children will never have the opportunity to interact, or learn to get along with others. They will never know how to develop good social skills. They will be isolated and miss out on all the necessary aspects of growing up with peers - both for good or for bad....

    It seems like it is a badge of honor amongst local witnesses to do this now.

    Makes me mad...and sad for those children who will suddenly find themselves as adults in a world that they will not know how to live in or assimilate with.....

  • Finkelstein

    It seems like it is a badge of honor amongst local witnesses to do this now

    Yes been seeing that more locally, the instilled brainwashing of evil worldly people who are to be kept at a distance gets imprinted into children's minds..

  • blondie

    In this area the schools are not viewed as dangerous and bad. The few jws that have tried home schooling have not taken an active role but farmed them out to the jws at the meetings for service to be babysat. No organized curriculum at home and their children have reached graduation age with little or no skills and had to go back and get their diploma or GED.

    I have heard the same stories from my jw connections in all four corners and center of the US. I do volunteer work with stay at home mothers who home school. They do such a good job and are committed to making it a success. It is not a one hour bible study a week program.

    They will reap what they sow, over the next few years.

  • Normalfulla

    OMG, my Uber elder brother who lives in Canada pulled his 6yr old child out of school so his wife can homeschool him and his 4 yr old brother, they live in a medium sized clean and good town in B.C, I almost wept to think of all the normal things school helps u deal with that they will miss out on, not to mention as a jw yr supposed to learn to stand up for yr beliefs and endure some ridicule as u know "they will persecute u also" but instead they will be ill equipped and handicapped to the real life and may find it overwhelming when they will have to venture out and face reality, oh man my poor nephews! Huge sad face

  • WTWizard

    Home schooling can burn you. If you are not fully prepared, those who are home-schooled are either going to have a crappy education or one that is biased toward some agenda. Jokehovian children who are home schooled tend to have their "education(??)" biased toward pious-sneering, poverty, and pointless hardship with no means of ever getting out of it.

    No, I don't believe the Rockefeller school system is even remotely as good as it could have been. It too wastes huge amounts of time conforming to the One World Totalitarian Government. An excellent teacher can easily do better, provided they have full access to the materials needed to properly do the job. And it is a whopper of an investment in both time and money.

    The catch: Most parents that choose to home-school are not doing so because they realize the Rockefeller system sucks. They do so because they are devout xians and wish to brainwash their children to Christi-SCAM-ity. They are afraid that regular school is going to allow Satan to influence their children (and, mostly, such influence would be to their advantage anyways--Satan is, in fact, against mindless obedience and wasting one's mind using drugs and senseless violence). They are afraid they will be taught real science--and how many times I have seen rubbish in the LIE-ble that is contradicted by real science. They are afraid that their peers will tempt them to blow off church on Sunday (church is nothing more than a waste of time, brainwashing people into believing they are indebted forever because of a single event, real or imagined, and must pay an infinite price for that event).

    The jokehovians are prime offenders there. How many "field trips" amount to nothing more than going in field circus or to some stupid building used for worship (such as washtowel headquarters). The curriculum is always about serving joke-hova first. Where science is involved, it is edited to fit the damnation book and the washtowel. I can think of no lousier sources of information than the washtowel and asleep rags. And, rarely do they have access to the sources they need--and, even when they do, they are afraid of using them. Even the basic Rockefeller system, as many huge demerits it has, is better than what the average jokehovian child will get in home-schooling.

    Now, if Satan was the parent, He would be in a prime position to properly home-school His children. He wants people to know science and be able to use it, not be afraid of it. He wants people to know how their souls work, not let some jesus scum do the work for nefarious purposes (such as enslaving the whole human race on some crap of infinite debt for a single event). He would invest the time and resources to do the job properly, including legitimate field trips and hands-on experience. He would prepare His children to succeed in the real world, making it a better place and solving problems instead of accepting them. How many jokehovian parents can honestly say that?

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Kids need to go to school and be with their generation. It's very hard to fit in with people your own age, after you reach adulthood, if you were a homeschooler.

    Homeschooled adults are different, they are weird, sometimes in a good way, but in many instances they have a hard time being accepted as an ordinary member of society. Or accepted as a workmate on the job, because there's just something not quite right.

    That's how it's been for me my entire life. My father was never a JW, but a criminal on the run, with two kids to help him seem like a nice single dad. I didn't know that about him until i was almost 40. Anyway, he took us out of school. He bought lots of all kinds of books and we had to read on our own. He said it was because "taxes are immoral and the public schools supported by taxation are immoral."

    Well by the time I was out on my own I had only one skill, and that was I could type. I had taught myself at age 11. A hamburger franchisee hired me to run his little office and from there, learned to do office work and support myself that way. But everyone I met remarked that I seemed so different, and what schools had I gone to, and where did I grow up, etc. They asked questions to try and figure out what was different about me.

    As much as I tried to be like everyone else, I never could. I tried to fit in with the JWs, but things went wrong with that quite frequently.

    Now the only friends I have are my family and acquaintances on the internet.

    Homeschool was no school at all. I see my granddaughter absolutely blooming in her high school. She was the sketch artist at mock trial this past weekend and her sketches are being submitted in a competition. If she places, she will win some level of scholarship. She's in jazz band, orchestra, photog class, several clubs, gets mostly A's, even in algebra and chemistry.

    She knows how to control her temper and emotions and has managed to avoid trouble with anyone at school. Her teachers just rave about her and she has made friends with some fantastic young people.

    I'm so happy for her, that she has had the opportunity to get a normal American education. And very sad for me, that I didn't. I have no idea how to make friends. Every time I think it's going well, suddenly they avoid me and I never see them again. I'm soon 64 years old and just as weird as I ever was.

    Homeschool might be good for some but my overall opinion of it is negative. Not only from my own experience but the JWs I've been around who were doing it were not successful. Hauling their kids around in the back seat trying to study while their mother pioneered. UGH! Those kids had no friends and now as grownups they can't get or keep jobs. Now they're cleaning pools. Now they're exterminators. They live in their parents' basements. Not good.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    J.W.'s are very big on Bible "principles" being followed - if there isn't an applicable law.

    By home-schooling their children, they are rejecting the principle at John 17:15 - "I do not request that you take them out of the world, but that you watch over them because of the wicked one."

    It's perverse that J.W.'s consider 8 - 12 years old children "mature" enough to decide for themselves to get baptized into the cult, yet they're not spiritually capable of withstanding tests of their faith in a "worldly"school."

    The sad reality is that many J.W. parents are convinced the end is coming very, very soon, and as such, their kids will survive well enough in low-skill jobs.

  • tor1500


    Wow, great my area some Home School for monetary reasons...this couple can barely scape by so I think the cost of sending him to school would really leave them with nothing....both of the parents are very nice and one was home schooled but as many of you say...they just don't fit...

    As someone said most JW's have a persecution how could a child stand up for his faith in Jehovah against his peers ? It's that one of the foundations of being a witness "Be SEEN"...

    To me it makes the child imbalanced....only seeing one side of life their parents view....

    We also must remember, JW's are the other side of the mirror....whatever everyone else do they do they opposite....that's why they are going batty trying to fix their doctrines to new lights...because when this religion was started they said everything the opposite of other religions...& it sounded good at the time because most folks were illiterate....but not now...folks can read and that's why we going to get new one commenter says...regarding their interpretation of the scriptures...they bit off more than they could chew...

    If everyone in the world would home school their children, you can bet the JW's would either put them back in school(remember they would do the opposite of what the world does)...or try to find a space shuttle to school their they really would be no part of this world...

    I've found out the best way to deal with the org. if you can't go right now for whatever reasons....who are any of us to judge why a person that is aware is still there...but I have found that I let a lot of stuff I see and hear about witnesses just roll off ...because they are just people...they are no different from anybody else...they think they are but we all know.....they are not....they talk about putting on the suit of armor/fruitage of the spirit but most of them just drape it over their shoulders and come into the hall...once the meeting is over's off...if they happen to run into a friend whether it be a witness or not...they drape it on again for the world to see...once the person is out of it comes..

    I have realized that witnesses are people first (with all our messed up ways) then they are TRYING to be a witness..

    So I take whatever they say with a grain of salt...they come to you and say oh, we are home schooling...all I say that's so you more time with your children (inside, of course you can spend more ain't working...that's my inside voice)...Then I ask, how's that working out ? They of course say oh, it's so much better...My reply, I can imagine...what I think or say don't matter to these (can't think of a name for them at the moment)....witnesses are contrary...and always do the opposite to stand out and look like they doing something...

    I just let them talk .....because that's what they are good at.


  • darkspilver
  • ctrwtf

    Homeschooling is no worse for JW kids than for those who actually attend school. The result is the same in that they find themselves as social pariah's.

    No sports, no college, no fashion, no music, no movies, no parties and no future.

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