Shooting in the foot (homophobic video)

by Syme 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The reason for the condemnation by the JW org is that the Bible plainly discriminates against homosexuality.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are duty bound not to reason for themselves or question what is written in the Bible. JWs are superficial thinkers, they just blindly follow the text and quote scripture as if by doing so it will buy them their ticket to paradise.

    When something does not accord with rationality and fairness and people's well-being; well that's too bad for them! and with a smug superiority they will be pleased to inform you..."That's what the Bible says".

    That will be the day when JWs start to think deeply and realize it is this infantile reliance on the foolish, bigoted Bible text which is at fault--- not homosexuality.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    The whole "hate the sin love the sinner" attitude is also still homophobic in nature. Homosexuality is only a sin because some old book says it's a sin.

    How is that being Homophobic? They supposedly don't hate the Homosexual or the Heterosexual, That's a good thing right ?  They hate the sins no matter who commits them and they are determined not to sin themselves . That seems perfectly logical and fair, even if you don't happen to share their definition of what a sin is, they should be able to regulate their own behavior according to their personal beliefs.

    What if someone were to say, "I love religious people, but I hate it when they practice their religion. Their activities should be outlawed. We should be able to deny religious people services because I hate their practices. But I'm not hating them! Just what they're doing!"

    What "if" they said grass is orange and the sky is green? They would be incorrect in saying so but they didn't say that and there was also noting in this video that indicated they wanted Homosexuals denied their civil rights or that anyone should be mean to them. You projected that idea into what was being said....they never said anything in this video about taking action against gay people or anyone else, it was about regulating their own behavior.

  • Vidiot

    @ Syme (re. the OP)...

    Well said, and very astute.

    The hard-core ideologue reacts to increasing evidence that his ideology is wrong by manifesting even deeper commitment and extreme actions, in an attempt to try and "prove" said ideology "right" in spite of said evidence.

    Cognitive dissonance taken to its inevitable (batshit crazy) conclusion, I guess?

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