Withholding My Information!

by The Fall Guy 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • sparky1

    Here in the US many stores now ask for your cell phone number. The company that I am affiliated with does this surreptitiously. They issue you a rewards card and the pin is your cell phone number. Now they have your cell phone captured and use it in 'geo-fencing'. They follow your movement through the cell phone and can tell when you are purchasing from a competitor. [email protected] THAT! I threw my manual on this procedure in the trash!

  • stillin

    The grocery store has an "Advantage" card that will save you money on many of your purchases. It's about tracking... although you could lie about who you are when you sign up to have the card.

  • waton

    Now, if wt would offer this information, there would be one small reason to pay attention.

  • zeb

    If they insist on your mob number give them an old one that doesnt work.

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