Withholding My Information!

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Over the past few days I have twice visited SCREWFIX - a UK nationwide company which sells tools & fixings.

    On my first visit, I informed the store assistant of the item I required. She immediately said, "POST-CODE?"

    I informed her that it was a CASH SALE and there was no need to give information. "OK" she said, and then called out to a supervisor to key in a code number on the computer terminal in order to process my order. (WHY?)

    Two days later I returned. Same girl. When I gave her the order, she said "NAME?"

    I said, "It's a cash sale, I don't want to receive love-letters from Screwfix." She had to request the code number again!

    If I buy a newspaper or a Snickers bar, I don't get asked for my name, address, & postcode.

    Maybe next time I go into Screwfix I should just wear one of these -

  • Olig

    I have noticed this previously. However I did sign up for the newsletter with promotions in a while back. Put myself down as Lord rather than Mr. Nice little ego boost once every month or so...

  • Simon

    The one that annoys me is when stores ask for proof of identity, like a drivers license. If you're paying by credit card in person you should absolutely not give them that. Part of their merchant agreement with credit card companies is that the card + signature or pin entry is all that is required and in fact, giving extra information puts your account at risk:

    If the person skims your card, they then have a matching address that would make it much easier for them to commit fraud which is why the credit card companies don't want you to hand it over.

    Obviously, it's difficult if you're ordering something to be delivered (but then why wouldn't you be doing that online, where no one could be skimming your card?).

    You have to call their bluff and stick to your guns: "Do you have a drivers license?", "Yes thanks", "can I just see it", "no", "I need to confirm your identity", "why?", "it's store policy", "no, it isn't and it can't be because I know the credit card company rules", "erm", "did the machine say my payment was authorized?"

    It's like any negotiation - don't be afraid of long awkward pauses - the person will back down and if they don't, just keep escalating it (call supervisor, the manager, have manager call head office etc...). Be willing to walk away.

  • Gorbatchov

    Give a post code of the other side of the country and give a fake name. Mr. Arthisthofel Drypussy or something like that.


  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    This information is helpful. I didn't know I could refuse to give them my license.

  • hoser

    They want that info so they can try to sell you more shit

  • Xanthippe

    Yeah in clothes shops now I get asked would I like the receipt sent to my email address. I always smile and say nice try.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    GORBY, good idea -

    Postcode? SW1 2AA

    House Number? 10


  • tiki

    One store I asked why they want my zip code and the girl told me that is the only way to process the sale...which doesn't add up because if that is so she could simply key in the local city zip. Another was that its for marketing purposes...to track where most clientele live....which makes sense.....

  • Earnest

    In the UK the postcode ZZ99 3WZ is the official code used by the health service to denote “address not known”.

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