Ever Met A Guy/Girl At A JW Convention?

by Latin assassin from Manhattan 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • KenUK


    Then took 14 years to leave her and the "troof"...

  • Bendrr

    Frank................I hate you!

    Yeah, I met a few that way. Hell, that was about the ONLY way I had to meet chicks. It was such a childish "game" though. You couldn't be "solo", you had to be in some group and be in favor with the "in crowd" or you wouldn't meet anyone, much less have any invites to go out after the day's session. But y'all know me, I do things my way.

    My great-great uncle, in his 80's at the time, was always on the prowl himself. He also looked out for me and introduced me to some very pretty and very sweet girls. Unfortunately, the local "in crowd" didn't approve. The first one I met, she and I wrote back and forth and talked on the phone, then come next assembly one of the little bitches in the "in crowd" decided to take action. She made sure A. and I didn't spend any time together at all. Those two were literally joined at the hip for the entire convention. I can remember her pulling A. off to walk somewhere else and A. looking back at me over her shoulder with this helpless look. That didn't end things for me and A. though, we still kept in touch and when "li'l bitch" found out, her nosy elder father called the elders in A.'s cong to put the kibash on the whole thing. I found out from A. later that she was called into an elders' meeting and strongly discouraged from any further contact with me.

    The other one I met not long before I left, right before I got fired from the Empire. Drop-dead gorgeous latina. (thanks, Unk!) He was hitting on her big time when I saw him and walked up and said hi to him (meaning "hook me up, Unk!") he introduced me and walked off with this big grin on his face. We spent most of one day's lunch break talking. The "in crowd" took note and before lunch was over (oh this is so damn funny now looking back) there must have been close to twenty of them standing nearby, maybe 20 feet away, in this one group pretending to talk but all of them constantly looking at us. Even the girl noticed and it made her uncomfortable. I just laughed it off, smiled at them, and told her not to pay any attention to them. We had a couple of letters and a few phone calls after that, but then she broke it off. Seems she'd gotten a phone call.....

    God I hate those assholes!


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Yup....and I was never "good enough" for them....but they were too "anal retentive" for me, so it evened out.

    Frannie B

  • freedom96

    This question seems to be directed directly at me!

    Yes, I met my first wife at a district convention. Long story very short, she and I divorced several years later, have a wonderful son from that marriage.

    She is as evil as one could get, and to add to that, mentally ill. You combine mental illness with complete Bitch, and one has a problem.

    She still claims to be a wonderful witness, and that alone makes me want to throw up.

    There are certainly good people that are/ were witnesses, she was not one of them.

  • nowisee

    oh sure, met lotsa guys. dated some.

    mostly boring.

    i met one young man of a different race than mine (this was a long time ago, please remember - ) we had a strong attraction to one another, spent every possible minute between sessions sharing, and reading scripture, and eventually vowed to each other that we would not marry before armageddon. well vows like this (thank goodness) very often fall by the wayside. he married someone else. i married someone else. we lost contact.

    many years passed. i left jws. i recently contacted some exjws who had known him. they told me he had been df'd, tried desperately to be reinstated, committed suicide with a shotgun. (sorry for this terrible story in a fluff thread -- i guess it has been on my mind.)

  • talesin

    met a few ...

    once I got to 'marriagable' age (you know, 17) it got really weird.

    This happened twice. I met someone at district convention, had one group date and then my parents came to me and said "so-and-so wants to marry you". They must have been shopping me out.

    The first guy who proposed actually did marry someone else - 8 weeks after the next convention! Guess he was really horny!

    Then I turned 18 and that was my last convention ever. (yippee!!!)

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    A friend of mine had a great experience, he met this hot girl at the convention, they chatted, and then, she asked .......................................

    do you pioneer ??????????

    he said no.

    She wouldn't talk to him anymore.

  • Gadget
    once I got to 'marriagable' age (you know, 17) it got really weird.

    I was laughing my head off when I first read this, then I realised how true it was and how scary that makes it.


  • rocketman
    she asked .......................................

    do you pioneer ??????????

    he said no.

    She wouldn't talk to him anymore.

    Ah yes, the ultimate husbandly or wifely jw qualification.

  • xjw_b12

    LOL at Francois....... you reprobate.

    Ever Meet a Girl at a JW Convention in Edmonton, from Vernon B.C. and make out with her in her parents RV in the parking lot while the sessions were on ??

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