Ever Met A Guy/Girl At A JW Convention?

by Latin assassin from Manhattan 21 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Latin assassin from Manhattan
    Latin assassin from Manhattan

    Have you ever met a single guy/girl at a JW convention, and thought so highly of him/her until you really found out what they were like?

  • Simon

    Well, I met a single sister at a District Convention and still think highly of her ... even though she's my wife

  • Tammie

    I did not meet at single JW (others than I already knew) at the conventions. But where I did find them was at the KH builds. That was how I met my hubby. I had also had two boyfriends, and four others that did ask me out from KH builds, but I turned them down. Because when I did meet my hubby, he did not mess around, before asking me to marry him. That was 10 years ago, and we are still very happy and going strong. It even got better when we left the JW's together.

  • City Fan
    City Fan

    When I was in my teens I met a girl at the District Assembly and then spent the next 12 months writing to her and thinking about her. When the Assembly finally came round again and we met up I suddenly realised that she was a bit on the ugly side. And she was far too spiritual!

  • ballistic

    Yes, I met a girl from Birmingham at a Plymouth convention, but it was a complete non-starter. I didn't have any clue about dating women until I left the borg and that relationship dwindled off rapidly.

  • Nic

    I had a wide circle of JW friends being a pioneer and all and there were one or two that I really would've liked to go out with. But they were so shy and afraid that no one ever asked anyone out. it was like being 12 again! Also the stupid "got to have marriage in mind" rule put so much pressure on everyone. The only three guys that were in it and asked me out were all ex-worldlies and so by default, had a bit of guts and were used to girls but typically, none of them were on my list! So I said no.

  • smack

    Yep, married the bitch. Took me longer to get away from her than to leave the borg

    Doin way better 2nd lap around the block

  • rocketman

    In the late 1970s, I was at a Covention at which a girl seated several rows back kept looking my way. I happened to notice this going on through wach day, on and off. Finally, when it was over, I went up and talked with her and asked her out. I was not all that attracted to her, but because she was at that time my first potential jw date, I asked (I had been out with a couple non-jw girls prior to that).

    The dating lasted two months. The chaperoning was a pain. After telling me that I might be "the one", she dumped my sorry butt two weeks later. Then, three months after that, she was married (obviously, she met and feel for this guy while dating me).

  • Hamas

    Yes, but my daddy didn't go to meetings like hers and I was just a humble hip hop loving windowcleaner so I didn't stand a chance with her.

    That was at Nottingham convention ; we obviously fancied each other like hell but I wasn't 'spiritual' enough for her so I scared her away.

    B - I - ATCH !!!!!

  • Francois

    Yep, met plenty of them. Made out with them in my appropriately decorated and musically adorned room until our faces were blue. Plied them with the grape until our lips were blueish red. Rode them like in the old west until not a muscle would respond ever again (during that particular assembly). It was wunnerful. Thank God for assemblies and the variety they brought. Otherwise it would have been the same two lumps every morning.

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