3 year old saying: "I wanna be Jehovah's friend", how would you answer?

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Fear and mind-control begins at a very, very early impressionable age!! That's why so many JW youth are #@!#ed-up and why it's so hard to leave the Borg.
  • Crazyguy
    I'm starting to think not saying anything is a bad idea, it gives the other side time to completely indoctrinate and then undoing it is very hard. I would maybe say that many people believe there is no God because he never shows himself or does anything to help people.
  • pbrow

    Three years old? All you need to do is say Ok, lets be gods friend.

    Who gave you those legs? Jehovah? ok lets sign up for soccer!

    Who gave you your brain? Jehovah? ok lets sign up for girl/boy scouts!

    Who gave you all those friends in kindergarten? Jehovah? lets have a sleepover!!

    Who gave you to me? Jehovah? Lets celebrate your birthday with all those friends from boy/girl scouts and kindergarten and we can even play soccer at your party!!!

    Dont overcomplicate it. Do not go negative. Get your kids involved and break the bubble that the dubs create. Its not that difficult but you cannot be a fader! I was a born in and have two tweens that have been raised in the church by their mother. One just moved in with me full time and the other is loving sports and all her "worldly friends"


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