Watchman2U - The Inspection & Test is on Jehovah Witnesses.

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    Watchman 2U

    Letter One – Jehovah Witnesses are all accountable who swore an oath to Jehovah God at Baptism. Jehovah deals with ‘His’ people first as an example & warning to all the nations. You Jehovah Witnesses in spiritual Judea are clinging onto the temple that will not save You. And You are not discerning the time of your inspection. Jehovah’s name is on Your lips but Your heart is far removed from ‘Him’. You who are hating your brothers & sisters excluding (disfellowshiping) them just as Isaiah 66 foretold, You who are disfellowshiping, hating, judging, & shunning Your honest hearted brothers & sisters who are contrite & tremble at the words of Jehovah. You have lost the love you had at first. You are the greater number who have cooled off. You who refuse to give the disfellowshiped ones a cup of life giving spiritual water (Truth). You who run away unable to make a defence of truth with Your armour missing speaking only to the unknowing. A growing crowd of the excluded put faith in truth & Jehovah God & used discernment by catching sight of the disgusting thing (shigguts) apostasy in the holy place. You who eat spiritual food full of holes from ring shaped loaves given to You on a rod of subjection by spiritually sick shepherds & You who say “We would have recognised the signs” but cling onto the temple to save You which is built of the unspiritual stones of stumbling laid in spiritual Zion. Your inspection is on You now & those coming out forming the great crowd are fleeing to the mountain of Jehovah. They pray from their own spiritual roof tops, no longer returning from the field service & going back to that apostate unspiritual house (Kingdom Hall), or wearing that old unspiritual garment with patches of backwards revamped prophecies sewn on & vomit on Your tables now of Ba’laam & Ba’lak. We are growing strong in the wilderness on the flank of our loving God Jehovah where we are taught by Jehovah Himself because the shepherds have failed. You who sleep well on into this spiritual gloomy night of Yours will be awakened by a unique calamity to be revealed in Your temple that will make the most passive nations revile at the name of Jehovah. You shall wear sackcloth of repentance. You are to be found spiritually naked. Your nation is not yet born, You are still the pregnant woman, You have made dates & times of great portents in advance (slitting open the pregnant woman) with a false birth. None of Your backwards prophecies have come true only the breaking of Jehovah’s laws by task masters delivering up the lowly ones to Your unlawful tribunal courts. Remember “Just as They did it to me They will do it to you” Woe to the pregnant woman & those on spiritual milk who are spiritually suckling babes who You are making worse subjects for Gehenna, You are the woman who has given birth to wind but we are waiting on the promise & “Cry out joyfully, you barren woman that did not give birth” & grow strong conquering the letters to the symbolic congregations of the true God Jehovah as the inspection is on. A unique calamity You never would have dreamed of will awaken You with shuddering & sackcloth. Not an unspiritual stone will be left upon a stone within You. As vessels of clay You are an apostate nation to be dashed to pieces in order that righteousness will be shown. You think You are safe handing out harmful regulations of unlawful disfellowshiping, spiritually asleep well into this night & spiritual days of thick gloom at this time of your inspection.The test & inspection is upon You by Your judgement of the lowly, contrite, honest hearted, many who ‘Rove About’ (of no fixed abode) seeking, finding & imparting the real truth to the many, taught by Jehovah God as Daniel prophesied at the time of the end. Amos 5:18- “Woe to Those who are craving the day of Jehovah! What, then, will the day of Jehovah mean to You people? It will be darkness & no light” - - “O You who are turning justice into mere wormwood” No other people on the face of this Earth EVER does this apply to, You at Rev 2:13.who are holding fast ‘His’ name, “dwelling where the throne of Satan is” You are called out by ‘His’ name. You ‘His’ two witnesses to be dressed in sackcloth of repentance. You who are only luke warm & Jehovah will vomit out of ‘His’ mouth. “Woe to the pregnant woman (all of You in the JW society) do not let Your flight be in wintertime for the disciplining of Jehovah God is for a witness to the nations roundabout as ‘He’ deals with ‘His’ people firstly. peterofjacob.


    Jehovah Witnesses are all accountable who swore an oath to Jehovah God at Baptism.

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    He wrote that for the lurkers about the Org .and those that are baptized into the "s----- organisation"

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    Village Idiot

    I miss Larsinger. He had more personality than the OP.

    There was also this poster, whose name I forget, who would predict a half dozen dates for Armageddon. Each one he tagged with a percentage possibility of its happening. One date could have a 20% chance of being Armageddon and this other date... so on and so forth. That poster had more imagination than the whole Governing Body.

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    Thank you Watchman2u...

    I'm sure that your brothers and sisters appreciate your word to the WTBTS on their behalf. It would be comforting to know that they're not alone with their thoughts.


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    ^^^Actual quote from OP. 😨

    I think I'll stick to the prophecy and vision of Ezekiel.

    "And I saw all sorts." - Ezekiel 8:10

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    Are you one of those "Celebrated Watchtower Scholars" Scholar JW used to talk about?


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    "You can take the boy out of the WATCHTOWER, but you can't take the WATCHTOWER out of the boy." - sparky1

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