Could the ancient Jews eat pig fractions?

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  • JeffT

    The recent threads on blood fractions got me to thinking about ways to expose the absurdity of the Watchtower's position on blood. So I thought of the titular question. Would a Hebrew have understood the prohibition on pork as meaning he had to avoid "major" pig fractions (ham, bacon, ribs) but "minor" pig fractions like pickled feet and fried pork rinds were OK?

    I don't think so. Of course the WTBS position is driven by an attempt to reconcile modern science with two thousand year old religious belief. It can't be done.

  • Wild_Thing

    The Watchtower has a long history of not accepting many science concepts. They use to preach that receiving an organ transplant was the same as cannibalism. To me, that isn't much different than their stance on blood transfusions being the same as eating (or digesting) blood.

    They let go of their ridiculous stance against organ transplants in 1980, but for some reason, they are having a difficult time seeing the error of their ways with blood transfusions.

    The AJWRB website has a great page that showcases the Watchtower's silliest science and medicine claims in their earlier literature.

  • joe134cd

    Its a bit like porn fractions. Well I only saw the top half of one breast in a playboy magerzine, so it wasn’t really porn.

  • sparky1

    FORNICATION FRACTIONS:" I only penetrated her half way!"

  • jwfacts

    Sisig is a Filipino dish that I love, made up of ground pig face. I think that could be considered an allowed minor fraction.

    FORNICATION FRACTIONS:" I only penetrated her half way!"

    Just the tip.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Very good, very funny JeffT.

    I am trying to think of how to phrase another one- Could the end of the Gentile Times be different from 1914 because they forgot the overlap?

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    That really makes it simple, JeffT, especially when JWs always want to use the old testament to 'prove' their 'logical' reasoning.

    (They just don't like it when you do it back, haha!)

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