Capitalist Competition among Jehovah's People!

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  • sparky1

    Step right up folks and get your own personal notebook for the 2019 conventions created by our enterprising Christian Brothers and Sisters!

    Available from JKS Books and Gifts for only $9.99 from

    "Perfect for those who love to take notes during the convention! A great gift for international delegates, new publishers, those learning to take notes or any publisher!"

    Available from Pioneer Bros for only $8.99 on

    "This awesome notebook is the best choice - whether for you, a Brother or Sister or a visiting delegate. Hand these out as gifts to our brothers and sisters at the International Conventions! Also, the perfect gift for Pioneers, Publishers or Proclaimers of God's Kingdom!"

    Also available from JKS Books and Gifts for only $9.99 at

    "A great gift for international delegates, new publishers, those learning to take notes or any publisher! even includes space to reflect and relive the best weekend of 2019"

    There are other notebooks for sale on Amazon, but I only included these 3 for the sake of brevity. Let the competition begin! May the best notebook win!

  • Tameria2001

    You know they will eat it up. I remember how popular Stoops was with the JWs, I worked in the shipping department for a few months.

  • waton

    Valueless decorations that cost pennies to produce.

    he fool is easily separated from his gold. people that have shown to be easily fooled, blinded are easy marks.

    These are retailers though. The real money is to be made by others that set their aim higher. in the 10 000.- and over range, there is amazing wealth at the periphery of wt, not ill gotten og course.

  • Tenacious

    These poor people have to come up with some sort of income.

    It's not like they are college educated executives.

    It's either some dead-end office job, lawn business, masonry, plumbing, laborer, carpentry, window washer, house/office cleaning (big one), fast food.

    Not to demean any of these jobs but in all probability those are the only viable options for most non-educated JW's.

    And that's one of the reasons the leaders keep them down. They want to dangle the "privilege" carrot and make it appear they are "somebody" in the org and a nobody in the world.

  • naomidangerlee

    Go on Etsy and search for JW trinkets - there's heaps

  • smiddy3

    Go on Etsy and search for JW trinkets - there's heaps

    my mind boggles ,I looked at that site and thought JW`s don`t worship idols or images ,I guess I was wrong

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    These parasites really love the exclamation point!!

  • tiki

    "Learning to take notes" ........huh? Seriously?

  • smiddy3
    To the 2019 Melbourne International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses


    After two years of preparation, convention week has arrived! Thousands assisted us in cleaning the stadium on Sunday and what a beautiful job they all did. We used up all the chewing gum remover as there was so much under the seats. We thank all those who shared in this massive task and all those who will volunteer over the next few days.

    Many will be manning Airport welcome desks, taking tours, guiding delegates through the city and on to Public Transport, while others are preparing the sound system and department outlets at the venue. Everywhere you turn in the city, there are our beautiful brothers and sisters.

    We pray for those travelling to the convention city and especially our dear older ones. Families with young children are also a blessing as they make special sacrifices to attend. May Jehovah bless your efforts.

    The Melbourne weather has not disappointed with forecasts of cool nights and pleasant days of 19 to 23 degrees. Please travel safely and we look forward to seeing you all at Marvel Stadium on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    A copy of the convention program is available via the website.


    Download this map for information on important locations at Marvel Stadium. The map features:

    • Amenities such as ATMs, toilets and water stations
    • Important department locations such as lost & found, parents & babies facilities and the SKE meeting location
    • Locations of foreign language conventions

    BOOK NOW using the Recommended Lodging List (RLL) on the JW ROOMING WEBSITE!

    CONVENTION DATES: 22nd – 24th November, 2019



    Marvel Stadium
    740 Bourke Street

  • smiddy3

    I believe their is going to be a BIG protest by ex JW`s at this convention and it will be interesting to see how much media coverage both sides get .

    I will be looking forward to it with interest ,not the JW programs but the protest.

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